Above / Look for Rotary banners and a large tractor/trailer provided by Cadence Premier Logistics at the Garden Plots along West Street on Oct. 6, 7, 12 and 13 to mark the spot of a collection site to benefit Lumberton, North Carolina, a community devastated by Hurricane Florence.  Update Oct. 8: Collection continues Friday and Saturday.

UPDATE, Oct. 8 / Monday morning organizers from the Rotary Clubs of Naperville contacted the team in North Carolina that will receive the trailer of supplies, asking for an update regarding what’s needed most.

“Boxed fans, insect repellent, cleaning supplies, rakes, mops,  brooms, gloves are all items needed at this stage of recovery,” replied April Clark, Rotary District Governor 7730. “Thank you for all for what you are doing for our community.”

“Here is a snap shot of the effects, our efforts and the need for long-term support,” she added, saying she’s just put together a video. “Many homes owned by Rotarians were destroyed in the flood. The situation sometimes is bleak, but the outpouring of support from Rotarians has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Volunteers are welcome to assist this Naperville community service project. Volunteer teams will be accepting, sorting, packing and loading donations from 8AM to 6PM Fri., Oct. 12, and Sat., Oct. 13. To sign up for a 2-hour shift via the “Sign Up Genius,” click here.

Thanks to all who donated items and time on Saturday and Sunday to the Hurricane Florence Relief Collection! The trailer is now about one-third full! Collection continues Oct. 12 and Oct. 13.

Thanks to the first shift of volunteers. Rotarian Kevin McQuillan, not pictured, must have been deep inside the trailer sorting items on skids.

UPDATE, Oct. 6, 2018 / Wow! PN observed the first shift unloaded pet food, bottled water, bedding, personal hygiene items, bleach and more. Special thanks was extended to one resident who purchased just about one of every item on the list!

Expressions of gratitude also went to all the local generous pet lovers (and two huge vehicles full of pet items). Organizers noted that dog food and cat food are no longer a priority need, but, of course, welcomed.

Anyone who has yet to go shopping is asked to consider donating personal hygiene and care items, blankets, bedding, cleaning supplies and tarps.

Rain is dampening availability of drop off slightly this afternoon. Tomorrow might be a better day. If volunteers are not present this afternoon, please drop off items under the blue and red tents until 5PM. Items will be loaded into the trailer between 5:30 and 6PM. Then teams of volunteers will return Sunday, Friday and next Saturday. 

Volunteers are welcome to assist this Naperville community service project. Volunteer teams will be accepting, sorting, packing and loading donations from 8AM to 6PM Sun., Oct. 7; Fri., Oct. 12,  and Sat., Oct. 13. To sign up for a 2-hour shift via the “Sign Up Genius,” click here.

Expressions of gratitude to all!

Rotarians expressed appreciation to everyone who donated time and much-needed new items featured on the list. Special thanks to Phoenix Closures for packaging supplies and boxes; Midwest Warehouse & Distribution/ Bedford Motor Transport for shrink wrap; Blooming Color for quick sign making; Cadence Premier Logistics for the 53-ft. trailer and plenty of know-how for packing large Gaylord cartons on skids, etc.

UPDATE, Oct. 4, 2018 / Banners now are up along the fence to mark the spot of the collection for Hurricane Florence relief this weekend. The collection will go on rain or shine from 8AM to 6PM Sat., Oct. 6, and Sun., Oct. 7.  If the 53-ft. trailer is filled, Cadence Premier Logistics will have another trailer available the following day or weekend. The collection will continue Fri., Oct. 12, and Sat., Oct. 13.

In addition to new nonperishable items for relief in Lumberton, NC, packing items such as boxes and Gaylord skid-size cartons are needed. Shrink wrap also is needed. All donations welcome.

Look for banners that mark the near the entrance to the drop off by the turn to Sportsman’s Park along West Street.

Volunteers are welcome to assist this Naperville community service project. Volunteer teams will be accepting, sorting, packing and loading donations. To sign up for a 2-hour shift via the “Sign Up Genius,” click here.

Original Post, Sept. 29, 2018 / The community is welcome to help fill a trailer headed east with new items to assist Lumberton, North Carolina, one of many communities devastated by Hurricane Florence two weeks ago. 

As one of the news reports emphasized, this collection comes at a time when Hurricane Florence is no longer in the headlines every morning; yet, a time when needs continue to overwhelm residents in many storm-ravaged and flooded communities every day. And a time when many individuals and service organizations still would like to find a way to help.

The Rotary Clubs of Naperville will host the collection from 8AM to 6PM on Oct. 6 and 7 as well as Oct. 12 and 13, at the Garden Plots along West Street, across from Knoch Park.

Four Rotary Clubs of Naperville invite all service clubs, faith organizations, homeowners associations, businesses and individuals to join a community-wide service project by donating blankets, tarps, tools, tarps, personal care items, nonperishable food items, dehumidifiers, bottled water and many other new items.

No clothing will be accepted.

Rotary District 6450 Governor Nominee Chuck Corrigan, a past president of the Rotary Club of Naperville/ Downtown (aka 4:44 Rotary) coordinated the Rotary connection to Lumberton with April Clark, Rotary District 7730 Governor in North Carolina.

“As of last Wednesday, we’ve identified an economically distressed community to help,” said Corrigan, who first began looking for a town needing assistance shortly after Hurricane Florence made landfall on September 14 and his club learned about the generous availability of a trailer to deliver collected items. “Thanks to the power of Rotary connections here, across the country and throughout the world, we’ve connected with a Rotary District in North Carolina near the South Carolina border.”

Corrigan continued,” I’m going to forward you something about a guy with a pick-up truck who brought some supplies to Lumberton.”

Trailer and Delivery Provided by Cadence Premier Logistics

A trailer and driver will be provided by 4:44 Rotarian and Naperville resident Rocky Caylor, Partner, President/CEO of Cadence Premier Logistics, a company experienced in delivering emergency relief. When full, the trailer will be delivered to Lumberton by Cadence driver and lead trainer Ray Tirado, noted Caylor.

On Saturday, Caylor and Tirado visited the Garden Plots to check how the large vehicle would be stationed for folks to drop off donations. At that time, Caylor had other good news about another organization that will lend a hand to the Hurricane Florence Relief efforts.

“And I thank Matt Hart and the Illinois Trucking Foundation for donating costs of the fuel for these efforts,” Caylor added.

Thanks also to Director of Recreation Brad Wilson at the Naperville Park District, arrangements have been made to park the trailer for a week at the Garden Plots on West Street for the collection. Look for banners and a large Cadence Premier Logistics trailer to mark the spot of the collection site.

“The newest Rotary Club of Naperville, Rotary After Dark, is pleased to be joining efforts with the other three Rotary clubs in the efforts to assist with the Hurricane Florence Relief Service Project,” said club president Mary Morrissey, noting club service director Kristy Sullivan would coordinate volunteers.

Sullivan is coordinating volunteers to work 2-hour shifts. To sign up for a 2-hour shift via the “Sign Up Genius,” click here.

For updates and/or a long list of most-needed items for the collection, visit www.rcndowntown.com.

Volunteer teams will be accepting, sorting and loading donations from 8AM to 6PM, Sat., Oct. 6, Sun., Oct. 7, Fri., Oct. 12 and Sat., Oct. 13. The Community Garden Plots are located at 811 S. West Street.

VIDEO & POST FROM SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 / By Ezra Dyer for Popular Mechanics featuring devastation in Lumberton, NC.

City of Lumberton / www.ci.lumberton.nc.us

Robeson County Disaster Recovery Committee / www.rcdrc.com

Needed Nonperishable Items / New Items Only

Tarps, Dehumidifiers, 5-gallon Buckets, Cordless Power Tools, Shop Vacs, Hammers & Nails, Rubber Gloves, Dog Food & Cat Food, Paper Towels, Shop Rags, Adult Diapers

Baby Diapers, Baby Powder, Baby Wipes, Baby Formula***, Empty Spray Bottles, Face (dust) Masks, Personal Care Items: Toothbrushes & Toothpaste, Shampoo, Conditioner***

Sanitary Napkins, Tampons, Batteries, Blankets, Pillows, Sheets & Towels***, Bibles, Hand Sanitizer

Bleach, Ladders, Bath Soap, Brooms, Laundry Detergent, Deodorant, Utility Knives, Contractor Tape, Trash Bags, Mosquito Repellent***, Portable Lights

Shovels, Fans, Sponges, Flashlights, Paper, Pens, Markers, Pencils & Pencil Sharpeners, Canned Foods, Bottled Water  

NOTE! Absolutely no clothing in this collection drive.

***Requested Most