Every nonprofit agency that helps others in some way knows that it has to rely upon generous donors to survive and be able to do the special work that it does. For one who thinks about how this is going, I can assure you it is a constant thought and focus that stays in the front of your mind. It is the reality and unfortunately a necessity of how nonprofit organizations survive.

With this being said, it strikes me as to how fortunate all of the nonprofits that are located in Naperville truly are. While not every individual or family is in a position to donate money or time, there still is an incredible spirit of generosity in this town.

Recently I heard our Mayor speak about the City and how our residents appreciate the quality of our schools, parks, and the safe environment we live in. I think we would be remiss not to also mention the kindness and help that comes from so many willing to share and help others. As a community, we are lucky to have so many people who don’t hesitate to do something that can make a difference. I look at what we have in this town, and it amazes and humbles me with the help one can get if needed.

To all of those whose spirit of generosity helps all of the agencies and causes in town, thank you! Please know that the work all nonprofit agencies do doesn’t happen without your kindness and support!