“Your son will probably never speak.”

“Your daughter is incapable of learning.”

Turning Pointe parents – like many with children on the autism spectrum – hear these statements when their children are so very young. But instead of deciding to shrink under the weight of their prophecy, Turning Pointe parents look autism in the eye and respond, “We will keep moving forward, together.”

In Turning Pointe’s CN Therapeutic Day School moving forward they do. During the last school quarter, program-wide outcomes revealed that students increased their communication skills 4 percent, improved socially appropriate behavior 12 percent and gained functional living skills by 6 percent. These are gains that were once considered impossible. This is significant progress that proves progress itself is possible.

Turning Pointe parents are not hoping their students learn communication strategies, develop functional living skills or socially appropriate behaviors to prove anything to those that diagnosed or first treated their children. Turning Pointe parents are not even proving anything to themselves. They are proving to their children the promise that they will keep moving forward, together.

Similarly, Turning Pointe Autism Foundation must prove itself. Turning Pointe must prove itself to both the parents it serves and the community that serves its mission. Our program outcomes along with our annual report (now available online at www.turningpointeautismfoundation.org) are just two of the ways we measure our progress. But beyond the data, the numbers and the reports, Turning Pointe will always prove itself as a partner to parents by assuring them, “We will keep moving forward, together.”