Above / Build It Small, Build It Tall – A Pop-Up Exhibit Featuring LEGO® Bricks and Duplo® Blocks is now open when young builders walk through the big red door at the DuPage Children’s Museum. (PN File Photo)

(Naperville, IL)…A brick builder’s paradise full of LEGO® Bricks and Duplo® Blocks is now open at DuPage Children’s Museum (DCM). Children (and adults) will be able to build on tables, walls, and floors as they unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills. Build It Small, Build It Tall Pop-Up Exhibit will be open through September 2.

Why LEGO? Because the learning possibilities with LEGO bricks are endless. From engineering and science to storytelling and collaborative play, LEGOs do it all. “LEGOs are wildly open-ended, which makes them a perfect fit with DCM’s learning framework that focuses on open-ended, hands-on experiences,” said Thomas Sullivan, Director of Education and Programs, DuPage Children’s Museum.

With the Museum as a backdrop for this beloved toy, there will be a plethora of inspiration to help spur creativity in young builders. While many children have LEGO bricks at home, building in the Museum will provide some new and different opportunities. “The sheer scale of the number of LEGOs available to play with will be an exciting experience but also, having the opportunity to play with or next to other children opens up new ideas and new learning opportunities,” explained Kimberly Stull, Director of Exhibits and Operations, DuPage Children’s Museum.

In addition to building areas, there will also be a few challenge stations. A Duplo blocks challenge station will provide a base with the challenge to engineer a vehicle. The LEGO bricks challenge station will provide platforms with the challenge to build a bridge to connect the platforms. Playing with LEGO bricks, whether just building or taking part in the challenges, is a fun way to exercise scientific thinking skills. The process of thinking about what to create, coming up with a plan, executing the plan, evaluating and revising along the way, and ultimately achieving the end product is a very scientific process. It builds the foundation for higher-level thinking skills that will benefit a child throughout their life.

Building with LEGO  bricks is fun for all ages. That being said, adults should get in on the action too and play right alongside the kids. Early Learning Specialist Alix Tonsgard, DuPage Children’s Museum, offered this tip, “Parallel play (playing next to) is an easy way to support your child. It validates what the child is doing, helps to build confidence, and strengthens your relationship.”

Find the DuPage Chlldren’s Museum at 301 N. Washington Street, north of downtown Naperville and just steps from the Naperville Train Station. (PN File Photo)

Build It Small, Build It Tall is now open and will be at DuPage Children’s Museum through September 2. Come build with us! For more information, visit dupagechildrens.org.