A wise person once told me that what you DO says a lot more about what you value than what you SAY. I think this is very true, particularly when it comes educating the next generation.

Do we tell them to work hard – and DO we role model a strong work ethic?

Do we tell them communication skills are important – and DO we look up from our cell phone when we talk to them?

Do we say authentic work experiences are critical – and DO we look for ways we can create them?

I think there are many wonderful businesses and organizations in this community that value education and DO something to demonstrate their commitment. I’m happy to say NCTV17 is one of them.

Every year we offer both college and high school students the opportunity to spend their summer with us as part of our internship program. While we live just 30 miles outside of the third largest TV market in the country, being a top-rated market often makes it even more difficult for young people interested in broadcasting to get an internship. The competition leaves many eager young journalists on the sidelines.

As a community television station, we are committed to educating the next generation of TV professionals. Several of our staff members were originally NCTV17 interns themselves! And, an internship at NCTV17 is not about making coffee; it’s about making television. Our college interns in the news and sports departments will learn how to shoot, write, edit, and produce their own stories from start to finish.

Our high school interns will spend their internship, rotating through the various station departments; learning what it is like to have a career in news, sports, production, as well as marketing and sales.  They will also work camera on some of our summer community event productions and they’ll take their turn as floor director, camera operator, and audio tech on several of our in-studio shows.

Additionally, because we know how valuable soft skills are to being a successful 21st century worker, each week we invite local community leaders to the station to talk with our interns on topics such as leadership, communication, and networking.

If you know a young person who wants to get hand-on, real-world experience in the field of broadcasting, please DO let them know NCTV17 has internships. Applications are being accepted online at  www.nctv17.com/internships and the deadline is April 15.