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Thursday, November 30, 2023

How long will significant structures stand?


Considering all the local conversation and news reports regarding Old Nichols Library and the Moser Tower with the Millennium Carillon, we’re forever mindful of their place in history and what they stand to represent in this city of all-American can-do spirit.

What’s interesting to note is upon the death James L. Nichols in 1895, his bequeath of $10,000 was given to the City for a public library. In 1887 folks likely were preparing plans to build Nichols Library in 1898 for future generations.

A century later in 1997, folks here were beginning to plan commemorative gifts to mark the new millennium for future generations. Different groups came up with ways to commemorate 2000—one of which was a Millennium Labyrinth and Millennium Wall to enhance the Riverwalk Amphitheater and another was to build Moser Tower with the Millennium Carillon at the base of Rotary Hill.

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And here we are in 2017 with interests on all sides of the issues to save the significant structures of Nichols Library and Moser Tower, still for future generations.

After comparisons and contrasts, and reviewing the irony, residents also might ponder whether one or both of the distinctive structures will be part of the local landscape in 2097.

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PN Ombudsman
PN Ombudsman
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