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August Editor’s Notes


For many years, the August issue of Positively Naperville has been a showcase of local pups during dog days, those hot, muggy days of summer. The Romans associated such sultry weather with the splendor of Sirius, the Dog Star, high in the sky this time of year.

This August, however, you might say our focus on dog days is eclipsed by both the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 and the canine Frisbee competition in early September.

For instance, to our surprise, “the obscuration of the light of the sun by the intervention of the moon between it and a point on earth” (The definition of solar eclipse found in the Random House Dictionary.) was the timely subject submitted by several contributing writers for the pages of our publication this month. Thanks for reading!

Back to School

Classes in School District 203 begin on Aug. 17, followed in School District 204 on Aug. 24, before and after the solar eclipse darkens the sky on Aug. 21. Whether in the classroom or not, the shared experience is bound to be more memorable by the more you know about the star around which the Earth revolves.

So during these lazy days of summer, consider studying about solar eclipses at the library.

You also might consider heading to Nichols Library at 7PM Mon., Aug. 14, to learn about another hot topic involving this city’s first library, now known as Old Nichols.

Tale of Two Structures

Newspaper editors are faced daily with what’s sometimes called the “Tale of Two Cities,” pros and cons, both sides now. You get the picture. The July issue, cover and inside, of this publication served as a wake-up call regarding the future of a 160-ft. Moser Tower and the former Nichols Library structure protected by covenants in Naperville’s historic downtown.

Since June, you’ve likely been reading the stories and opinions in the daily newspapers about two landmark developments. Can they be saved?

More than a few times in recent years, we have taken our cameras downtown to photograph the ornate architecture that frames many of the historic buildings. The activity forces us to look up to the rooftops where we see the diversity of design from our past. You might say it’s a good way to face the challenges, character and charm that unite us.

Looking up reminds us that early entrepreneurs embraced progress, private enterprise, prosperity and economic freedom as downtown developed and redeveloped during the 1800s, 1900s and 2000s, with businesses in buildings aimed to attract consumers of all ages with an abundance of tastes.

Finding the right mix and balance is the right thing to do to create a healthy economy in an authentic, attractive and vibrant community that continually represents our memories, hopes and dreams for the future.

In 2006, this community came together to celebrate its first 175 years focused on the theme: “heritage, unity and vision.” Has this community changed that much in 11 years?

We hope folks pay attention and stay engaged with the issues. In fact, all of us homeowners and business owners have homework to do that just might take us to a meeting of the City Council, Park District, Planning and Zoning Commission, Riverwalk Commission, Historic Preservation Commission or to Nichols Library to find facts firsthand.

Taking a stand and trying to look at all the opportunities, unintended consequences and sustainability of needs for the future requires time and critical thinking.

Meanwhile, enjoy following the solar eclipse on Aug. 21. And remember to wear special glasses.

Who said there’s nothing new under the sun?

PN Editor
PN Editor
An editor is someone who prepares content for publishing. It entered English, the American Language, via French. Its modern sense for newspapers has been around since about 1800.