Above / Naperville welcomes Patel Brothers Grocery Store, new shopping plaza to 1568 Ogden Avenue as brothers aim to revitalize long-vacant and underutilized piece of property.

The City of Naperville announced today that Patel Brothers, a nationally-known Indian grocery chain, will be re-developing the long-vacant property at 1568 Ogden Avenue. In addition to a 39,000-square foot grocery store specializing in ingredients and cuisine of India and southeast Asia, the remainder of the total 88,000 square foot property will be converted into a new shopping plaza with multiple retailers, including numerous dining and shopping options.

PHOTO GALLERY / Mayor Steve Chirico thanks Naperville Development Partnership, City Staff, Indian Community Outreach and Patel Brothers.

“This is a huge win for the City of Naperville,” Mayor Steve Chirico said. “I’m so pleased. It took every bit of my effort not to climb to the top of the building and yell out a month ago, ‘The Patel Brothers are coming to town. The Patel Brothers are coming to town.'”

Chirico reminded individuals in attendance that for 15 years, the building has sat empty along one of the busiest corridors in the City. Revitalization of Naperville’s vacant commercial spaces and the resulting economic benefits it brings is a continued effort of the City. The mayor expressed his pleasure to see this prime piece of real estate coming to life once again. And he noted it was accomplished the way it’s supposed to be done without incentives or tax breaks.

“We’re already on time and on schedule,” said Swetal Patel, as he thanked the mayor. He continued his gracious remarks with a brief history of the mom-and-pop store started by his father and his uncle.

Patel Brothers originated in 1974 on Devon Avenue in Chicago and now has 52 locations throughout the country; the Naperville store will be the fourth location in Illinois.

The $3 million demolition/restoration on the property began today and includes a complete interior renovation, new glass façade, new utilities and new landscaping in the adjoining parking lot. The property was purchased by Raja Foods, LLC., owned by the Patel brothers, Rakesh and Swetal.

“This project is an outstanding addition to Naperville,” said Christine Jeffries, President and CEO of the Naperville Development Partnership. “This is also a great example of how existing properties in our market can be easily repurposed and reimagined to serve the community. Patel Brothers is a great fit for Naperville.”

Above / Folks gathered at 1PM for the press conference to learn what would occupy the vacant building that’s been empty for 15 years.

Rakesh Patel and Swetal Patel noted the building cost $4.5 million. The project will cost $10 million, of which $2.5 million will redesign the grocery’s 39,000 sq. ft. interior. The grocery is expected to employ 60-plus individuals.

Above / Artist’s rendering of the new Patel Brothers grocery that will be located in the vacant building at the corner of Ogden at Jefferson Avenue. In addition to the grocery store, other shops will include salons, freshly-cut flowers, fitness, clothing, jewelry and more.

The opening of the grocery store and associated shopping plaza is tentatively scheduled for August 2017. For more information on Patel Brothers, visit www.patelbros.com.

For more information on the City of Naperville, visitwww.naperville.il.us.

For more information on the Naperville Development Partnership, visit www.naper.org.