One of the five areas that the Senior Task Force is involved with for seniors is education.

We have the best adult ed classes down here in Naples, Fl., (where I have been wintering for 33 years) and I wanted to get it started for our Naperville area. I tried to get it going about 10 years ago, but no one was interested until I spoke with Dr. Carroll, then-President of Benedictine U. Dr. Carroll said he had been wanting to do that and would underwrite it. So that’s how it started. The first classes were held April 2011. Gosh, where does the time go?

We have over 1,630 lifelong learners that have taken the classes. This past fall and winter, we have been busily remodeling the building and now have our rooms ready for us. The campus is right on Diehl Road at the Moser Center. We should all thank the late Mr. Moser for his generosity.

To get all the information, visit or email

Some of the classes offered are a real treat! One class is C.S. Lewis, another is a Painting Workshop and another I’m sure you would all be interested in is The Trump Presidency.

There are many other very interesting classes. So do go online, look at all the classes offered, and select what interests you most. The instructors are wonderful.

Classes get you moving and out of the house. And you might learn something you didn’t know.

Giggle Time: A guy is on his deathbed, and he tells his wife, “After I die, I want you to marry Harry.”

“Harry!” his wife exclaims. “I thought you hated Harry!”

“Exactly,” her husband replied.