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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Bev Patterson Frier

Bev Patterson Frier was co-founder of the Senior Task Force with Karen Courney. Their efforts led to RAN, Ride Assist Naperville. Bev hails from Anderson, Ind., but the dedicated arts enthusiast boasts that Naperville is her family.

Senior Voices – What to do?

I hope all of you, especially seniors, are being sensible about avoiding contracting the virus— and, more importantly, not infecting others. My kids have...

Senior Voices – Basketball memories

Last month was Mother’s Day and this month is Father’s Day. In my past, my hubby always wanted to watch some special sport on...

Senior Voices – I don’t understand

Mother’s Day is always a special day in the year. Because of a variety of viruses and childhood illnesses, mothers have always been there...

Senior Voices – From pencils and pens to scams and cell phones

I recently attended a Senior Expo at the Sheraton Hotel and it was, as always, very worthwhile. If you ever need more pencils or...

Senior Voices – Nothing is for free

This coming month is tax time. And we all cringe to pay our taxes in April. Yet, so many things in Naperville make it...

Senior Voices – Volunteer to be happy

This month is Valentine’s Day. This is the month one is supposed to let others know how much they are appreciated – and loved....

Senior Voices – I am changing my mind!

Mark Puknaitis, our Naperville Fire Chief, is on a mission of Community Risk Reduction. He emphatically states, “Don’t be afraid to call the ambulance.” Some...

Senior Voices – True Confession

As some of you know, our Senior Task Force has been on a mission to not use the cement bumpers in front of parking...

Senior Voices – Getting your car ready for winter

By Jim Hill Winter weather will soon be upon us. It’s time to prepare your car for winter driving. Here a few tips from AARP. Make...

Senior Voices – Senior Task Force honors volunteers

Our Senior Task Force had recently decided to honor a senior citizen of the year with an award for all the contributions they do...
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