Trying to stay positive in this news-centric world comes with its challenges. Despite the carnage and contention, alternative facts and false news, I am going to stay optimistic. No longer will I worry about the people of Sweden; instead, my time will be spent playing the Glad Game while drinking from my half-filled tumbler of wine. There is no need to search for the silver lining in every cloud because I am already wearing it in the form of 24 bangles on my left wrist.

Remembering the words of Pollyanna, “When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will. When you know you will find the good, you’ll get that…”, I decided to search for fulfillment, and during the exploration, I made the greatest discovery: a new incentive called Arts DuPage. This first ever county-wide arts council, launched by the philanthropic DuPage Foundation, was created to foster cultural engagement in the community. Their goal is to increase visibility of the arts, expand art opportunities and unite arts organizations; thus giving residents the opportunity to experience the many offerings found locally.

Now here is the best part: Arts DuPage introduced a website ( that acts as a hub for all things art. Featuring a comprehensive listing of cultural events and activities, the site serves as a one-stop shop for all artistic endeavors within the county. You do not need to travel far to see a play, visit a gallery, or listen to a concert. Museums, festivals, public art, film screenings! Simply go on the site and see what awaits!

Arts DuPage is driven to dispel the notion that the local art scene is one of the area’s best kept secrets, and I am happy to help them in their campaign by spreading the word: Please take a minute to check out and uncover the creative art world surrounding you. It is only a click away . . .