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Pet Words of Wisdom – Thanksgiving gratitude


Looking forward to Thanksgiving Day, November always is the month to take a little more time to express my gratitude.

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve this community and the animals that live here. I am overwhelmed by the support of our customers. We truly feel that they are family.

I am so thankful for my rescue partner, Elanna Bradly, and her rescue PUPPY RESCUE 911. She is a joy to work with and what we do together is unbelievable.

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I am forever grateful to my staff. They are a very dedicated group that will put animals first, often ahead of their own lives. Their efforts may become invisible to our customers, but their hard work and dedication are beyond the norm.

I am so incredibly thankful for my distributors who work with me as a team to bring you all of the interesting food and supplies. We are only as good as what each of us brings to this store. Together we make a great experience for our customers.

My own animals bring me such joy and relief at the end of a stressful day that there are few words to express how much I appreciate them.

My family and most importantly my wife, Margaret, without whom none of this happens. I am so thankful every day I wake up being able to share all of this with her.

Through all of the aches and pains of getting older, the stresses of running a business, the fears of our troubled times, a day like today makes it easy to remember that there is so much for which to be thankful.


IndieBound_Naperville_LogoMA23648757-0004-webEditor’s Note / November is the best time to stock up for the birds at Dog Patch Pet & Feed during its special sale of wild bird seed in time for National Wild Bird Feeding Month in February.  Remarks in the Congressional Record attributed to former Illinois Congressman John Edward Porter back on Feb. 23, 1994, recognize February as National Wild Bird Feeding Month.

Also, note that Greg Gordon is a leading member of IndieBound Naperville, a group of independent businesses that can be identified by bright red signs that remind folks to shop locally.

With ties to IndieBound, the Grinch returns Thanksgiving weekend, reminding folks to “Grow your heart three sizes” during the holiday season. Look for the Grinch at Dog Patch.  Also, look for the Grinch in the Little Friends Parade of Lights beginning at 6PM Sun., Nov. 27,  and remember to support your local business community whenever possible.

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Greg Gordon
Greg Gordonhttp://dogpatchpets.com
Greg Gordon is the General Manager and Proprietor of Dog Patch Pet & Feed in Naperville. Contact him through the pet store at info@dogpatchpets.com.


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