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Local Boy Scouts will offer free leaf-raking service to Naperville seniors


Boy Scouts will rake leaves to the curb for collection by the city through mid-November.
Alert the Boy Scouts if any storm sewer drains are located along the curb. Keep drains free from leaves to prevent flooding.

“Seniors, ‘LEAF’ your raking to the Boy Scouts this year!” is the headline on a news release from the Senior Task Force that highlights a new service to provide “free leaf raking to the curb” for local seniors.

“The Senior Task Force, Naperville Park District and Three Rivers Council of the Boy Scouts are joining forces to provide this service to seniors,” said Senior Task Force founding member Karen Courney.

Limited openings are available; local scouts seek to accommodate up to 30 homes in Naperville.

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The work is timed to coincide with the City’s annual bulk curbside leaf collection dates in October and November, now in progress.

According to Courney, the service is geared toward those seniors who may have mobility issues or other impairments that keep them from accomplishing this type of yard work.

Call (630) 848-3613 to schedule Boy Scouts to rake leaves

Any individual interested in the free service is asked to contact the Senior Help Desk by calling (630) 848-3613 starting Mon., Oct. 24. (Calling the number is the only way to schedule an appointment.) Calls will be answered by a Help Desk volunteer between the hours of 11AM and 2PM.

Folks who call outside of those hours are asked to leave a message with your name, address and a phone number where you can be reached.

A representative from the Boy Scouts will contact inquiries to arrange a day and time for the free service.

The Scouts will provide all raking equipment necessary, such as rakes and gloves.

Residents are asked to help spread the word to seniors—family, friends and neighbors— who could use the service.

Note also that if a senior wishes to have leaves bagged versus raked into the street for bulk collection, the senior must provide bags, Courney said.

The City’s final bulk curbside leaf collection cycle begins on November 14.

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