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Photo Gallery: Jaycees Labor Day Parade 9/5/2016


The Naperville Jaycees hosted the annual Naperville Labor Day Parade on Mon., Sept. 5,  celebrating the first 50 years of the Naperville Park District. Thanks, Jaycees!

Since 1966, the traditional parade has grown and grown, now winding throughout the heart of downtown Naperville from Naperville North High School to Naperville Central. Today it’s a colorful showcase of marching bands, music, cultural events and other things to come this next year in the spirit of this active community.

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Thanks also to the Jaycees for grants in support of the Naperville Riverwalk (Jaycees Marina, Jaycees Playground and Jaycees Gazebo) where the four-day Last Fling finds its home every Labor Day weekend all along Jackson Avenue and Rotary Hill. In recent years, the family festival has extended across Aurora Avenue to Naper Settlement. Thanks for the memories!

PN Ombudsman
PN Ombudsman
An ombudsman is Scandinavian in origin dating back to Viking times; and refers to a community representative; usually acting independently on behalf of an organization, body of elected officials, or civic group. Thanks Scandinavia for inventing ombudsman.