Above / No matter what the season, the Naperville Riverwalk is an attractive natural setting for peaceful strolls and reflection. Plus, it’s just steps from all the shopping, dining and entertainment in downtown Naperville.

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PN readers in McKinney, Texas, participated in the 2016 Naper Trivia. (Photo courtesy Joe Lichter)

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To PN via FB: I taught him (Owen Daniels) at Lincoln Jr. High in 8th grade language arts. He was a wonderful young man! I’m sure he’s grown into an equally wonderful man. Good for him! —Kathleen Smith Gwodz

To PN & Friends: Thank you so much for your generosity and dedication in 2015; a year that saw significant progress in connecting low-income individuals and families to the resources they need to thrive. Over 4,600 families received assistance over the past year, and, through the Client Engagement Model, we have experienced great success in finding sustainable solutions for them. You have been a crucial part of this success by helping Loaves & Fishes complete our Power of Community Campaign, raising over $6.8 million since January 2013 in the fight against local food insecurity and poverty.

Loaves and FishesI’m writing to you because I recently learned that my husband is being transferred for work to St. Louis, so our family will be moving in March, and I will be stepping down as President & CEO. When I joined the Loaves & Fishes team in September 2012, I never imagined the impact a local “food pantry” could have on a person’s life, but I quickly learned that Loaves & Fishes was so much more to our clients. Launching the Power of Community Campaign allowed me to showcase our mission to new audiences – many of whom didn’t realize poverty and food insecurity were issues in DuPage County – and engage with long-time supporters who have seen our services expand throughout the years to benefit more people in need. It made each day exciting, yet humbling, and I will miss all of you – the true champions of Loaves & Fishes’ mission.

Our Board of Directors has already begun the search process for the next leader of the organization, and I am confident they will find an individual that shares your passion for helping our neighbors. All of our services will continue during this transition period thanks to the strong backbone you have helped us create, so Loaves & Fishes can carry on the mission without missing a beat.

Thank you, again, for having such a profound impact on the community through Loaves & Fishes and on me.

—Megan K. Selck, President & CEO 

To PN: My band Replica would very much like to provide you with local talent. We played Ribfest 2015 and the company I work for in Naperville has been a sponsor of Ribfest for a long time. Several of our employees are tied in with this event as well.

We love doing local events and donate our time. We will play this show at no charge. We donated back our performance fee for Ribfest 2015 as well.

Please consider my band as we are local and have been doing a lot of charitable events as well. We played Turning Pointe Autism Foundation’s first annual backyard bash this past summer and we will be doing it again this year.

I have submitted through the website mentioned above. Love to help! —Joe Morgan, Esser Hayes Insurance group

To PN Movie Review Columnist Ben Sanchez: Nice review, Ben.  Definitely makes me want to see this movie! —John Ariola

To PN: I have been meaning to thank you for posting the amazing video of Adele on SNL with last month’s column. What a great addition, and proof that she is quite an amazing talent. Thank you!  —Scott Itter

To PN Columnist Julie SmithThat’s a great piece of advice you have there, Julie! I agree to the fact that children are not safe online anymore. There is an app called “circle of 6” that lets your kid have 6 trusted people always in touch and they can inform any of them or even all of them, whenever they sense danger. So I would like you to share this also in your post and not let it be just a part of the comment as most of the people do not concentrate on comments. Thank you in advance! —Shubham Agarwal


Architects from Charles Vincent George led the way for the design of the Naperville Riverwalk as well as Moser Tower at Rotary Hill.

To PN: I love to see your pictures of the Riverwalk in all different seasons (on this website).  Spending half of my time in Tucson, I miss all those scenes that bring back memories of my past. Thank you for giving me a chance to be nostalgic! —Chuck George, founder of Charles Vincent George Design Group, Riverwalk Architect

To PN via FB: Go Owen! So excited for your appearance in the Super Bowl! —Debbie Shipley

To PN: Wow! Did you ever do a great job on that (Friday Night “All you can eat” Fish Fry at the VFW, 5-8PM Feb. 5-March 25) for us!  It’s beautiful. Thanks again. —Lloyd McKee

To PN: Hey, there , NAPERVILLE JAYCEES and Company!! I was involved and honored to be involved with Ribfest in the early 2000’s opening with my Band “The Hacks,” opening 2 consecutive years for REO SPEEDWAGON And TED NUGET.  Thanks Again!!  I’m Now The Drummer  for the well -established cover band “BREAKING BADD” and linked also with the up and coming original project “Cursed To Wander.”

You could say Breaking Badd is a party band. We definitely draw and get ’em moving!!~Covers groups like Pat Benetar, Heart, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Ozzy Ozzbourne, Guns and Rose, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, Evanecance, No Doubt, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Autograph,Halestorm and much more! We DON’T DISAPPOINT. PLEASE CONTACT (Founder)@ #7088056353-THANKS VERY MUCH! —Lance Woodrum

To PN: Thank you for this great article about our chorus plus our singing and ringing Valentines.  Thanks also for your continued support of the Chorus of DuPage. Jerry Broz

To PN: Please consider this band! You will “NOT” be disappointed!!! Very entertaining with a great following!!! FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE… The MOE’S are a 100% all natural classic Rock-N-roll band that delivers pure energy, heart and a lot of soul! The MOE’S have a diverse repertoire and each MOE Show is a non-stop party. The group features 4 outstanding lead vocalist, magnificent harmonies, horns & percussion. The MOE’S perform over 100 shows a year and are one of the favorite bands of the Chicago White Sox. In addition to many appearances at Corporate Events, Festivals and Concerts in the park all over Chicago, as well as Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. They have a great following called the Moe Heads! The MOE’S perform 70’s, 80’s, 90’s classic rock music they way it should be played “LIVE and improvised” right before your very eyes and not by the aid of a computer or backing tracks. Providing a wide variety of dance and sing-a-long music, it’s clear to see why these guys love to perform and it shows! Please feel free to contact anyone on their tour schedule via their website www,fiveguysnamedmoe.com or visit their 2 sites on Facebook. —Jose Rivera

Editor’s Note: Many bands responded via PN’s comment section to the call for bands from the Jaycees to perform at the 2016 Last Fling concert series over Labor Day Weekend. PN appreciates comments with signatures and we will alert the Jaycees regarding online interest.  However, if you seriously want to apply to perform during Last Fling, applications must go to www.LastFling.org/EntertainmentStage. Thanks a bunch!