Above / Sounds that ring out from Moser Tower celebrate the season from Halloween to Veterans Day to Thanksgiving. If you’ve yet to climb to the observation deck, autumn offers a spectacular view of this Tree City. Take the tower tour before Veterans Day. Previous post includes schedule of events at Moser Tower.

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To PN: Once again, thank you Positively Naperville for your support (2015 Healing Field of Honor with 2,015 American Flags and replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall exhibit at Rotary Hill, Nov. 6-12). —Veronica Porter, Publicity, 2015 Healing Field of Honor


Above / Since 1985, Rotarians worldwide have been focused on eradicating polio. Today they are “this close.” Recently members of the Rotary Club of Naperville / Downtown visited Rotary International in Evanston to help heighten awareness about the third annual World Polio Day on Oct. 23, 2015.

To PN via Facebook: Growing up in the late ’40s polio was a huge deal. Lost a neighbor boy I used to play with to polio. This was in Brooklyn and he was Arthur Godfrey, nephew of THE Arthur Godfrey. —John Walter Thompson

To PN via Facebook: Thank you, Rotary! —Marcia Straub

Editor’s Note: Story about Rotary Club of Naperville / Downtown visit to Rotary International regarding 30-year initiative to End Polio Now.


To PN via Facebook: Really excited for this team!! (NCHS Football) A great group of young men, on and off the field.  I’m proud to have a freshman playing at Central. The coaches are focused on the players as young men, not just athletes, and it shows. Go RedHawks!!! —Amie Crutcher Eipers

Editor’s Note: Blake Baumgartner online story is For Second Straight Year, Naperville Central On Cusp Of First Outright DuPage Valley Conference Title Since 2001.

To PN: I never had a kid go to Central, but have lived in the area all my life and my kids played football etc. Blake Baumgartner’s article brought tears to my eyes. Go, Redhawks!

Thank you for all you do!! —Jim Ensign

To PN via Facebook: Thumbs up to Positively Naperville for stepping up the local sports coverage! —Mary Howie 

To PN:  My accounting manager came from New York ten years ago and lives in Naperville and she was talking about how her husband hates the local papers, but reads Positively Naperville.   I went on to tell her that it is an amazing paper and tells news that the community wants to hear.  I then said my son writes a column (she asked which column and I told her) and she said, “Wait, I never paid attention to the name, but always read Teen’s Taste” (or she said whatever it’s called) … and her husband also does. They absolutely love your paper! —Mary Morrissey


To PN: What is the readership of Positively Naperville? I love the extra editions! … What a great paper!  —Marilyn Krueger

Editor’s Note / PN publishes 25,000 copies monthly, distributed door to door on a rotating basis and from high traffic locations such as Casey’s Foods, Oswald’s Pharmacy and Anderson’s Bookshop. It’s quite likely that more than one person reads the same issue. After six weeks, PN suspended publication of the weekly editions.  (See below under Gudrun Haas.)

To PN:  I took this picture of Marcy reading PN on our cruise on the Danube River near Vienna, Austria, earlier this month.  Thought you might want to use it in the next edition?  Hope to see you soon at the Pub.

—Steve Anderson

Editor’s Note / Marcy and Steve Anderson picked up their copy of PN to put in their travel bag at Quigley’s Irish Pub in downtown Naperville.

To PN: Since many years, you are so nice to advertise about the German Service at St. John UCC in Naperville at 1190 Olesen Dr.  (First Sunday of the month) Thank you so much. I just picked up the WEDNESDAY newspaper. Real nice. … Never give up, positive thinking. THANK YOU.

—Gudrun Haas

Editor’s Note / Feedback for the weekly editions has been positive. Yet, we failed to anticipate the deluge of press releases and phone inquiries to cover events in this thriving community.  Since our aim always has been to “preview” upcoming events, our small staff and limited resources could not handle the increase. After six weeks (Oct. 7, 2015 was last “weekly.”), the weekly edition was suspended in order to continue the monthly. Thanks for reading!


Above / Friends and new friends for life came together to host a benefit that raised $350,000 to help find a cure and heighten awareness about Batten disease and other rare neurodegenerative diseases. (Photo by Ron Hume)

To PN and Community: What a night!  Honestly I could never have imagined such a successful event and such a sense of community that permeated throughout the entire building.  From set up to breakdown, there wasn’t one element that went overlooked.  There was an energy in the room that was so proud and supportive. I can’t really explain it with words, but I felt so lifted up by this group of people. And while this journey can feel very lonely and isolating, for those 5 hours and frankly for the entire time I was in Naperville, I felt the love and support necessary to get me through this!  Forever grateful!  Gordon was equally impressed.  I know he was very moved when the ‘raise the paddle’ began with so many contributing so much for our girls.

—Kristen Kaiser Gray, on behalf of the Friends of the Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation to Cure Batten Disease Benefit, held in Naperville on October 3

I saw the articles (October monthly with a ‘public safety” story by Jon Ripsky and one with memories of singing at Last Fling by Jeanne Ripsky) and they were great!  …  Jeanne was my piano teacher when I was in high school and now I am taking guitar lessons from her. She is a pure delight and I am so happy to be her student again! 

—Donna DeFalco