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Editor’s Note: Here’s to a safe and successful school year. Remember to follow rules of the road, especially in school zones. Always stop when the school bus stops. Watch out for children. Thanks to all the crossing guards, too!

To PN: Yes, Diversity Dinners is still going strong! Please add us to the PN Social Service Agency Listings. Could you use the info below to let folks know that enrollment is open (for Diversity Dinners)? … We do appreciate all you do to make our lives vibrant!

Cordially, The DivDinsDuPage Outreach Committee

What’s Delicious & Fascinating, Easy, Economical, Educational & Soooo Enjoyable?
New Groups are Forming
Inquire via 630/420-4233
For a Personal Call Back, Say DD & Leave Your Phone

—Stephanie Downs Hughes for The DivDinsDuPage Outreach Committee

To PN:  Once again through the generosity of the Naperville Jaycees, Veterans in the Naperville area are being honored at the Last Fling. After the Labor Day parade they will be providing lunch for Veterans at the sponsors tent on Rotary Hill. This will be around 1 to 1:30PM. Also, the Hines blind unit have been invited and will be in attendance. We Veterans thank the Jaycees for both their generosity and the respect and honor they have shown us in the past and continue to do so on a daily basis.  Mike Barbour, Naperville Township Veterans Advocate, American Legion Post 43 Service Officer, VFW Post 3873 Service Officer

To PN: Jack just read about Coco Diemar from Naperville in Sports Illustrated. —Diane Conlan, Chatham, NJ


To PN regarding Wit & Wisdom “Summer Job” by guest columnist Meg LandekI worked at the Castle and even walked from high school and worked my lunch hour to get a free lunch there… Hot carmel sundae for dessert always. —Sandy Starowesky

To PN:  …I wrote a letter to Council and also shared it with city staff and the Chamber.  I know this is long, but the public needs to get educated and let their feelings be known. I don’t know if this is something you would be willing to run as an Op Ed.  You can edit this as you see fit or print it as is.  —Jim Boyajian, Naperville City Councilman, 2003-11.

Editor’s Note:  Here’s a link to Councilman Boyajian’s letter to the Naperville City Council. It’s TBT (Aug. 20) and we found this old campaign photo.


To PN: Thanks you very much, Stephanie. You guys took great notes! (Ernie Banks Ernie Banks 1968 Game-Used Cubs Jersey up for auction) Every little bit helps, so thank you very, very much! Terry Melia, SCP Auctions, Inc.

To PN Facebook Post (Response to “Meet the Teacher Day” at May Watts Elementary School): I recall when two of my kids were part of the opening of May Watts school in Naperville, Il. The school had a contest to name the new school’s mascot. I submitted the electric eel for their mascot, a perfect match for watts. Their principal rejected my suggestion. “The Eels of Watts” a perfect match! All kinds of thoughts and cheers crossed my mind, my most favorite of course was “We will ELECTRIFY you!”   —Dave Hodgson


To PN regarding Wit & Wisdom “Summer Job” by guest columnist Meg LandekIs that the one in Naperville? I remember two doors – one on the right and one on the left, and surely no curtains in the window, or maybe not even a window. And a couple of tables out front. I’ll have to re-look at my video about Prince Castle. We moved to Naperville in 1952. —Judithann Powers

Editor’s Note: Yes. The photo of Prince Castles features the Naperville location. Note the dead giveaway on the sign for Beidelman Monuments to the left of the building.

To PN: I’m looking for a man named Ray from Naperville that helps with the DuPage Airport Fundraiser for the honor flight men.  He speaks at the local schools.  He was in the Korean War.  He came to my garage sale looking for military memorabilia and offered to speak at the library for me in January.  Please have him contact me at  —Doreen Marvin

Editor’s Update Aug. 24 with mission accomplished / Positively Naperville forwarded your inquiry about a guy named “Ray” that offered to speak at the Library.  As part of the Dupage Veterans Foundation, I did not remember any guy named Ray, but I did call Rod Hiltz, who is actively involved with us raising funds for Honor Flight Chicago and is an avid collector of military memorabilia.   I did talk to him this morning and he confirmed my suspicion.  Please give him a call.  —Wayne Fischer

To PN regarding Wit & Wisdom “Summer Job” by guest columnist Meg LandekGreat read! The bridge being scary kinda made me laugh. And ‘real’ hippie clothes. Opposed to?? I loved reading this. . Thanks for posting. My first real job was at The Credit Bureau place downtown. I was a tag along at 13, my Mom worked there. Then went to Osco in ’71 on a work permit, and Washington Bank in ’72. —Jan Rueffer Brones