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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Video Voice – Batter up!


by Jane Wernette, on behalf of NCTV 17

Summer is prime time for getting outdoors and enjoying the sunny weather. What better way to spend this time of year than by playing America’s favorite pastime? More than 1,600 kids between the ages of 8 – 12 participated in Naperville Little League Baseball this year, and the Majors League Championships that took place at newly renovated Centennial Beach Park on June 29 presented an exciting conclusion to this popular summer program.

New NCTV17 LogoThe league changed things up this year, and a final four tournament decided which of the major league champion teams would battle to become Naperville’s overall little league champion. NCTV17 was there covering the action with a full, on-site production crew and live commentary and will be rebroadcasting both the consolation and championship games in their entirety on Channel 17 starting Sunday, June 30. Check our on-line schedule for air times.

Jim Petruzzi, President of the Naperville Little League, had this to say, “We are thrilled to televise all four of our league championship teams on NCTV17. The consolation game and the City Championship game will showcase to all of Naperville our great baseball program and our players’ skills. I would also like to thank Gerald Nissan for sponsoring this event and express my gratitude to NCTV17 and The Naperville Park District for working with us to bring these games to the community.”

At NCTV17 we know many grandparents and other relatives live out of town and can’t always be there to see their favorite youth baseball player step to the plate. However, they can still get in on the action by going to NCTV17.com where we simultaneously live stream what is being broadcast on the channel. No matter where the fans live, they can all have a front row seat and experience every crack of the bat, every fly ball and every cloud of dust kicked up by running feet.

And, if you are a baseball parent and want to save that special moment when your child stole second base or was sliding into home plate to beat the throw, you can email us at sports@nctv17.com or call us at (630) 355-2124 to order a DVD of the games for your own safekeeping.

NCTV17 was excited to work with the Naperville Little League to capture this exhilarating conclusion to a classic American sport. Tune in to Channel 17 to find out which Little League Majors team took home the championship trophy!

Jane Wernette is Community Development Director for Naperville Community Television, Channel 17. Contact her at jwernette@nctv17.com. Visit NCTV17.com for more information and the complete weekly schedule.

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