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Reading newspapers and knowing neighbors builds a better community


Do you know your neighbors?

Since 1979, the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation has been striving to connect one neighbor to the next neighbor via enlightening monthly programs. From September through June, the group meets from 8-10AM on the third Saturday morning of the month at the Naperville Municipal Center.

This city is organized by subdivisions— or what many residents still prefer to call “neighborhoods.”  Representatives from those subdivisions attend the homeowners’ meetings and pass along information to residents.   In addition, for many years, the NAHC president has written a monthly column in Positively Naperville to keep residents apprised of happenings on the local scene that might impact them, always with an invitation for the public to attend their meetings.

While PN’s publisher is eager to preview the upcoming month in each issue and online, with encouragement for  residents to pay attention and participate in the cultural events planned here, we also continue to urge readers to subscribe to the delivery of a local daily newspaper.

In our view, even in the digital age,  daily printed newspapers with their presentation of advertising, entertainment, news features and editorial commentary are vital to the well-being of this  nation, state and city—and for all citizens to be better informed.

Here’s a story about a Naperville neighbor with deep musical roots that  you might find a good read.  The story appeared in the Neighbor Section of the Daily Herald on July 30, 2012. Thanks for reading.

The photos below were taken at the TexMex Music Fest at CityGate Centre on July14.  The photos connect to the Daily Herald Neighbor Section story about musician and vocalist Julio Davis.

FYI: On August 24 and 25,  the Naperville Wine Festival will return to CityGate Centre, spacious property anchored by the Hotel Arista and Calamos Investments on Naperville’s northwest side. Get to know your neighbors N.E.W.S. from Route 59 and I-88 to downtown Naperville and I-88 to 111th Street and all points in between.


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