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Poppy Day to honor the sacrifices of veterans


American Legion to raise funds to assist veterans

Priscilla Laubscher, Commander of Naperville American Legion Post No. 43, announced that the Post will distribute “poppies” on Wednesday, May 16, and Thursday, May 17.  Post No. 43 is the local chapter of the American Legion, the largest Veterans service organization in the United States.

Beginning at 6 AM on Wednesday, May 16, at the Lisle train station, uniformed members of the American Legion will offer the familiar, bright-red poppies to the public in exchange for donations.  Beginning at 6 AM on Thursday, May 17, uniformed members of the American Legion will be at both of the Naperville train stations. Donations received will assist veterans, including the disabled and hospitalized.

“Each year, millions of red crepe-paper poppies are hand-made by veterans as part of their therapeutic rehabilitation,” indicated Laubscher, a former Senior Naval Officer.  “We of the Naperville American Legion are proud to be part of this nationwide effort.”

The poppy became the official remembrance flower of the American Legion in 1920.  The American Legion’s Poppy Program was inspired by World War I soldiers who brought home memories of devastated battlefields on which only wild poppies grew.  The poppies were as red as the blood that had been bravely shed on those battlefields.  Appropriately so, poppies became a powerful symbol of respect and remembrance.

With offices in Washington, DC, the 2,400,000-member-strong American Legion is the Nation’s largest Veterans service organization. Naperville’s American Legion Post No. 43 (www.naperlegion.org) has been actively serving Veterans and the Community since 1920.  The Post invites all Veterans and active-duty Military Personnel to attend the Post’s meetings, which are held on the first Thursday evening of every month.

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