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KidsMatter Benefit Concert Will Showcase Teen Talent & Honor Founders


Thanks to sponsors!

On April 13, organizers announced that The School of Performing Arts in Naperville is the presenting sponsor.

“The School of Performing Arts and KidsMatter share a common belief in building self esteem in young people.  An event like this is an example of how the arts do just that!” said Barbara Yokom, founder of the School of Performing Arts. “KidsMatter is an organization that cares about the well-being of our kids and creates opportunities for our children to become successful adults.  We are truly proud to have the ability to help them continue to make such a difference in so many lives.”

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Naperville Bank & Trust is KidsMatter to Us Honoree Sponsor, honoring KidsMatter founders Mary Ann Bobosky and Marianne Boyaijan.

Deborah Newman Marketing/Communications is sponsoring the venue,   Linden Oaks at Edward is Production Sponsor, Belgios Catering is sponsoring the VIP Reception, and MCR Investments, LLC and the Rubin Family  are Guest Artist Sponsors.

Friends of “Ignite the Nite”   include The Corridor Law Group,   Advanced Data Technologies, Not-for-Profit Strategies & Solutions, LLC. and Dennise Vaughn.

FYI: Research shows that every day, kids battle the stress of academic, social and economic competition.  Left unmanaged, these stressors can undermine healthy personal development and lead to chronic anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol use and thoughts of suicide.  KidsMatter equips youth and families with tools to manage the stress of everyday life through dynamic school and community programs, practical education, resources and youth recognition.

Funds raised from” Ignite The Nite” will benefit KidsMatter’s character-building events and community outreach programs that arm youth with the tools they need to battle the debilitating stressors of everyday life  and  link youth and families with a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

—Submitted & Updated by Deb Newman, Deborah Newman Marketing Communications

Here’s another KidsMatter Artistic Connection!

The photos on this page showcase a few paintings by teen artists created for the Century Walk “KidsMatter Way-Finding” murals featured on different levels of the VanBuren Parking Garage. When all levels are finished, artwork will be featured by students in all five high schools that serve Naperville. Van Buren Parking Garage is located at the corner of VanBuren and Main. Enter from Main Street for easiest access to view the murals.

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