Thanksgiving is just days away and the holiday season is upon us. This wonderful time of year gives us an opportunity to reflect on our blessings. It is also the time of year when we look forward to traditions. Often, traditions are rooted in family or activities we have started with those close to us. Traditions are our unique way of sharing our life.

A tradition begins as an activity that you do together and is enjoyable and meaningful. Traditions help to define us and draw us closer to one another. It can be a simple weekly meal together or a morning hug before you leave for school. Even though traditions can be celebrated year round, there is no better time to reflect on these traditions than during the holidays.

Sometimes a tradition begins as a simple meaningful activity and evolves into a warm valued event in a person’s life. Building and evolving traditions are important to children and their relationship with their family or other significant individuals in their life. Traditions build attachments. It gives the child a sense of belonging and provides safety and a significant level of trust.


Peace and harmony are the resounding themes of the Mayor’s Community Breakfast to be held this year on Dec. 2, at the Fry YMCA on 95th St.

Embrace those traditions, but don’t be afraid to establish new ones. Our wonderful community can assist in fostering new traditions whether it is by participating in the Naperville Noon Lions Club Turkey Trot (Nov. 24), enjoying the Little Friends Holiday Parade (Nov. 27), or attending the Naperville Mayor’s Community Breakfast (Dec. 2) at the Fry YMCA.

Your Naperville YMCAs want to provide you with opportunities which encourage you to foster relationships through programs and activities which create lifelong meaningful experiences. Please join us at the Fry YMCA early on Fri., Dec. 2, to celebrate the season at the Mayor’s Community Breakfast.

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