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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Circling Back – Where is Terry now?


Resources were scarce for Terry when he was 20. He found himself with nowhere to live, so his pastor let him stay at his church for four days; then paid for a hotel for a couple of weeks. It was a happy day when he moved into 360 Youth Services’ Transitional Housing Program.

He spent two years in the program and when asked what he found most helpful, he answered, “The whole program!” He says the time there taught him important skills, such as how to manage finances and how to approach people. He learned about different types and personalities of people and how to get along with them. Terry also gained confidence when the program staff pushed him because they said they knew he “could do it.” He remembers being told, “Yes, you can do what you’re doing now, but you can do even better.” And he is.

He found jobs that led to more and more responsibility. He attended barber school because he noted that barbers represent a piece of the community. But his ultimate goal was to work with kids, and after moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana, he got a job as a pre-school teacher while pursuing his own education, as well.

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“I’ve been helped and I want to help, too,” Terry says. Now 27, he dreams of developing a youth center. He isn’t dreaming alone either, as another highlight is his recent marriage. His wife shares his passionate devotion to people.

And that’s where Terry is now.

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