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Monday, January 30, 2023

Video Voice – Do You!


by Jane Wernette

New NCTV17 LogoWhen I started work many moons ago, we would often find great humor in trying to decipher the latest consulting acronym or new catch phrase. These days, I find myself learning a whole new language from my three daughters. One that recently struck me was this phrase, “Do You.” Perhaps you’ve heard it at your house.

The phrase surfaced during the retelling of a story where one friend was encouraging another to just focus on being themselves…in other words, she told her to, “do you.” Intrigued, I then “Googled” the phrase and discovered it’s also the title of a book written by Russell Simmons – the force behind such ventures as Def Jam Records and Def Comedy Jam. The book outlines his “12 laws to access the power in YOU to achieve happiness and success.” Sounds pretty good to me.

So, as we start off another new year, we at NCTV17 hope you’ll, “do you” because you are the people we cover every day on NCTV17. Your schools, your events, your sports, your businesses, your non-profits, your places of worship, your government, etc. You’ll see kids of all ages, and some of our most senior residents, too.

Here at NCTV17 we are committed to represent the people who work, live and play in this wonderful city – the fifth largest city in the state of Illinois! You’ll see them on “Naperville News 17,” “Naperville Sports Weekly,” “Spotlight on Naperville,” “Business Connection,” on our many documentaries and other shows as well. And all of our hyperlocal programming can be watched on Channel 17 on Comcast and WOW! or Channel 99 on AT&T in Naperville or whenever you wish via live-streaming at NCTV17. com.

So as you start 2014 we are going to take a chapter from Russell Simmons’ book and encourage you to just “do you,” and know that NCTV17 will be doing the same!

Jane Wernette is Community Development Director for Naperville Community Television, Channel 17. Contact her at jwernette@nctv17.com. Visit NCTV17.com for more information and the complete weekly schedule.

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