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Fire Prevention 24-7 – Public Safety Open House 2013


Once again the Naperville Police and Fire Departments will be “Partnering for Prevention” during Public Safety Month in October. The purpose of this initiative is to disseminate important crime and fire prevention information to the residents of Naperville and to encourage citizen action regarding crime and fire prevention strategies. Both departments firmly believe that citizens are the number one defense against fire and crime and want to spread the word that residents need to “Prepare, Practice and Prevent” in order to keep their families safe.

fire-pumper-DSC_0274The Public Safety Open House will be held on Naperville’s Public Safety Campus located on Aurora Ave. from 11AM-2PM on Saturday, October 5. This must-see event will include a variety of activities including an auto extrication and simulated DUI arrest along with a helicopter exercise, a demonstration by the Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Team and a flashover fire demonstration. A large display of Fire and Police vehicles and equipment will also be on-site. The 1924 Ahrens-Fox, Naperville’s second piece of motorized fire apparatus has been fully restored and will also be proudly displayed. The ‘Joe Naper’, Naperville’s first hand pumper will also make an appearance and firefighters will demonstrate how it was used.

Some of the activities specifically for children include a hands-on Firefighter Challenge in which participants have the opportunity to squirt a real fire hose and a Police Challenge in which participants catch and jail a criminal. Residents will also have an opportunity to participate by experiencing the AAA Distracted Driving Simulator. The simulator educates drivers about the dangers of texting and driving.

Old favorites such as the evidence collection demonstration of fingerprint lifting, fire extinguisher training, and visits by Sparky and McGruff will be back again this year, as well.

The Public Safety Open House is an event the entire community will enjoy while gaining valuable safety information for their families, neighborhoods and workplaces.

For more information, visit www.naperville.il.us or email Soraya McLaughlin at mclaughlins@naperville.il.us or Mary Browning at browningm@naperville.il.us.

Hope to see you there on Oct. 5!

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Soraya McLaughlin
Soraya McLaughlin
Soraya McLaughlin is the Naperville Fire Department Community Education Specialist. Contact her via email at mclaughlins@naperville.il.us.