Going to summer camp is something every child should have the opportunity to experience. Arts, crafts, games, swimming, making friends…it all makes for a great way to spend the summer! The memories created at camp are some of the best memories made in a lifetime.

Summer camp planning at WDSRA is already in full swing to make sure the fun lasts all summer long. You can start your planning now by choosing the type of camp that is best for your child. Your options include traditional WDSRA camps, WDSRA/school district 203 & 204 co-op camps, or inclusion assistance for camps offered through the Naperville Park District.

WDSRA summer camps cater to individuals ages 3 to 21 and are offered at a variety of lengths and feature a variety of activities. Co-op camps provide student/campers attending morning summer school an opportunity to spend the afternoon involved in fun camp activities. WDSRA Inclusion services make it possible for your child to enjoy any summer camps offered by the Naperville Park District.

You can check out the WDSRA traditional camps and co-op camps offered through WDSRA’s Summer Camp Program Guide at www.wdsra.com. Camps offered through the Naperville Park District can be found in their summer program guide at  www.napervilleparks.org/virtualprogramguides.  But don’t wait too long. Registration deadlines are approaching fast.
For more information on WDSRA, visit www.wdsra.com or call (630) 681-0962.