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One hypothetical view of our world is that 300 million years ago all seven continents were connected as a supercontinent known as pangea. The land mass began breaking about 175 million ago into North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Today the massive Earth, divided into continents, is connected by the Internet. Go figure.

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Headlines and local info from the City of Naperville, North Central College, Homeowners Confederation, Naperville Park District, high school sports and civic institutions.

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Created to commemorate Naperville’s sesquicentennial in 1981, the Riverwalk welcomes visitors to downtown Naperville every day where they can enjoy the city’s can-do spirit and rich history throughout its linear park. Located in the heart of the central business community with North Central College, Naper Settlement, Nichols Library, DuPage Children’s Museum, the attractive Riverwalk is just steps from shopping, dining and entertainment. Come spend the day and find plenty to explore in between meals!

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