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Terri Gregory

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Terri Gregory is Community Relations Supervisor for Western DuPage Special Recreation Association. WDSRA offers recreational opportunities for adults and children with special needs through programs and inclusion services. WDSRA is a cooperative extension of nine park districts. Almost 30 percent of WDSRA’s participants are from Naperville. Contact her at WDSRA via (630) 681-0962 or terrig@wdsra.com.
WDSRA parade

Equal Fun for Everyone – Parades inspire a sense of belonging for WDSRA participants

If someone were to ask me to describe the community of Naperville in one word, that word might be vibrant. Merriam-Webster defines vibrant as...

Equal Fun for Everyone – Team One adopts WDSRA Foundation

Within the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, TEAM is an acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More. In this spirit, members of the chamber’s Lead’s...

Equal Fun for Everyone – WDSRA Wild West Golf Outing

Calling all buckaroos, prospectors, and cowgirls! Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA) Foundation will host its annual charitable golf outing on Monday, June 24...

Equal Fun for Everyone – WDSRA summer programs

Every May, parents start planning activities that will provide structure to the long summer days that loom ahead – after all, no one wants...

Equal Fun for Everyone – WDSRA inclusion services

At Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA) we like to say there are two ways to play. The first way is to enjoy WDSRA...

Equal Fun for Everyone – Touch devices: voice for those with disabilities

Do a Google search on “iPad” and “autism” and you get over 19 million hits. Apparently, word is getting out that technology can open...

Equal Fun for Everyone – In the dream business

Dreams are as unique as thumbprints yet somehow we can all relate to one another’s deepest aspiration or wildest fancy. At Western DuPage Special...

Equal Fun for Everyone — The metaphor of the tree: imagine

Join me, my friends, for a metaphorical journey through the forest: Imagine human potential blossoming in 2013 – right here in Naperville. Imagine Western DuPage...

WDSRA celebrates opening of 95th Street Center

If you look closely enough, life is full of reasons to celebrate. Those involved with Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA) know this. And...

Equal fun for everyone — Introducing an uncommon playground

When it comes to recreational opportunities, DuPage County is tops – great parks, great programs. Something for everyone, right? Well, what if a little...

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