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Terri Gregory

Terri Gregory is Community Relations Supervisor for Western DuPage Special Recreation Association. WDSRA offers recreational opportunities for adults and children with special needs through programs and inclusion services. WDSRA is a cooperative extension of nine park districts. Almost 30 percent of WDSRA’s participants are from Naperville. Contact her at WDSRA via (630) 681-0962 or terrig@wdsra.com.

Equal Fun for Everyone – 9th Annual SRA Art Show

Artwork comes in all colors and textures, all shapes and sizes – just like the people who create it. Art allows us to express our true selves and adds beauty and joy to life. What a drab world it would be without art. At Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA), we know that for some, participation in the arts is an important part of self-fullfilment.

Equal Fun for Everyone – WDSRA spring break trips

This time of year, as spring fever sets in, phrases like “tropical paradise” and “all-inclusive,” can really warm the heart and spark the imagination....

Equal Fun for Everyone – A brief history of SRAs

Photos are from the archives of the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association. People often question our long, complicated name: Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA)....

Equal Fun for Everyone – WDSRA invites ‘Heroes’ to the Black & Red Bash

When I was a girl, I would help my mother prepare for many of our family parties. As we set out our mismatched finery,...

Equal Fun for Everyone – Drop in center holiday party

Indeed, the holidays can be a stressful time for many. Remember that scene from It’s a Wonderful Life when neighbors gathered en masse in...

Equal Fun For Everyone – WDSRA: Holiday Party Central

Did you know that “Jingle Bells” was actually written for a Thanksgiving celebration? Google it. See for yourself. But does this distinction really matter much? Doesn’t...

Equal Fun for Everyone – Santa’s Helpers at Santa House

As youngsters, we asked: How can Santa possibly do it all by himself? Then we were told about the elves, and to this day,...

Equal fun for Everyone – Back to school and back to WDSRA

Ah, September! School is in session and parents are grateful for the intangible gifts of structure and respite. Kids benefit from a safe and...

Equal fun for Everyone – Cultural Arts Programs at WDSRA

Name your passion. What is it that makes you want to get up in the morning? Interestingly, research shows that persons who can identify...

Equal Fun for Everyone – WDSRA Social Clubs

Everyone needs a few close friends to laugh with, cry with, and simply talk to. Friends are an essential ingredient to one’s overall sense...
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