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Friday, September 29, 2023

Otto Ives

Otto Ives attends high school in School District 204 where he is a senior.

Moving forward

Above / Upon request, Otto wrote, "Here's a photo from either late elementary school (May Watts Elementary School) or early middle school (Hill Middle...

The new gym culture

Everyone has a different and unique perception of the gym. For me, I used to picture a room packed with huge body builders, all...

Metea Valley’s Fine Arts Festival

On May 21, Metea Valley High School hosted its annual Fine Arts Festival as an opportunity for students of all grade levels to come...

Metea Valley Mask Update

It’s been some time now since Indian Prairie School District 204 and Superintendent Dr. Adrian Talley implemented the “Mask Recommendation Strategy” into many of...

Metea Valley is staying together

As you may know, Indian Prairie School District 204 has announced that masks are no longer required for students, although they are “highly recommended.”...

Teen identifies steps in the right direction

Over the past several decades, our national and local community has been making great strides towards the inclusion and acceptance of all people. We...

Metea Valley Collage

Updated Post, Nov. 30, 2022 / The Annual Metea Collage presented at Metea Valley High School during the holiday season will be performed beginning...

School improvement

Every year, students at Metea Valley take part in several school-wide surveys that are used to get an insight into their experience inside and...

Tik Tok taking over our schools

Tik Tok has been a major hit across the globe. Last month, they reported having over 700 million active users, most of which are...

Thankfully Vaccinated

During August, my family and I attended the wedding of a close relative in Virginia. This event was especially exciting because the wedding had...
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