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Mollie H.M. Willis

Raise Your Play IQ™ is written by Mollie H.M. Willis, M.S. Curriculum & Instruction, an early learning consultant to Dupage Children's Museum. Ms. Willis has more than ten years of experience in early learning including preschool administration and teaching. She can be reached through the museum at admin@dupagechildrensmuseum.org.

Raise Your Play IQ – Algebra at DCM?! Algebra at Home?!

Algebra in the early years establishes the necessary groundwork for ongoing and future mathematics learning. ~ Jennifer Taylor-Cox Author, Educator, and Curriculum Developer Jennifer Taylor-Cox offers...

Raise Your Play IQ – My Colorful Plate & Young Children: Encouraging Healthy Food Choices

In recent years the United States Department of Agriculture has moved from the Food Pyramid to MyPlate to help guide our portions and food...

Raise Your Play IQ – Emotional Intelligence

Almost 20 years ago, Daniel Goleman popularized the term Emotional Intelligence (EI). His best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence: Why it Matters More than IQ, informed...

Raise Your Play IQ – Engaging the color of fall

It is October in Naperville. The temperatures fluctuate and the weather is inconsistent. What a great time to savor the colors of fall! Orange,...

Raise Your Play IQ – Transition Time! Tips for Parents and Caregivers

School is in session; fall schedules are in play, yet it is not too late to help your young ones adjust to all the...

Raise Your Play IQ – S.T.E.M.: Focus on Technology

Technological tools including phones, screens, tablets, and computers have become great resources for many of us in recent years. Technology connects us to people...

Raise Your Play IQ – Common Household Items = Tools for Learning?

Many of us are familiar with reduce, reuse, and recycle—but don’t forget repurpose! You might be surprised to know that many items you have...

Raise Your Play IQ – Incorporating the weather into early learning adventures

The weather can be a wonderful way to introduce children to many ideas and concepts. Children love to stomp in puddles, build snow forts,...

Raise Your Play IQ – 10 ways babies learn when we sing with them!

Bonding – When you sing to your baby, she/he bonds with you and your voice. Singing makes yours the first and most important voice...

Raise Your Play IQ – Dispositions to learning in young children

A disposition can be described as a habitual inclination or tendency. As it relates to learning, one might think about a child's inclination to...

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