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Greg Gordon

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Greg Gordon is the General Manager and Proprietor of Dog Patch Pet & Feed in Naperville. Contact him through the pet store at info@dogpatchpets.com.

Pet Words of Wisdom – A Celebration

As a business owner, I am only as good as the people surrounding me. Together we are the face of the business. We provide the daily interactions that our customers...

Pet Words of Wisdom – Passion is what makes us different

When thinking about independent business the question seems to come up often. What makes us different from the big box stores? Recently a bunch...

Pet Words of Wisdom – Morty the cat, RIP

A few weeks ago our store cat, Morty, became ill. He quickly lost about 25 percent of his body weight. We noticed he was acting strange and took him...

Pet Words of Wisdom – Great time to feed the birds

At Dog Patch we have a complete selection of wild bird food, bird houses and other accessories. We offer a senior discount on all wild bird seed and supplies every day of...

Pet Words of Wisdom — 2012! What a year

This past year was an amazing one at Dog Patch. We adopted out our last dog at close of Dec. 31. Our total was 191 dogs adopted for the year. Combined with...

Pet Advice — Happy holidays

We've got plenty of exciting news at Dog Patch. I'm working with an organization called "A Place To Bark." Our relationship will result in many...

Pet Words of Wisdom — The business of rescue

I'm learning that rescue is not like any other business. It seems that budgets and plans just plain go out the window. We have...

Pet Advice — We’ve learned to ask the Trainer

We have a special event planned from noon to 3PM on Sat., Oct. 6, so you can "Ask the Trainer." "Ask the Trainer" with Sandy...

Pet Advice — Rescues

July and August have been very interesting at Dog Patch. We've been working with a wonderful group out of Oklahoma named Save Our Strays....

Pet Advice — End of the dog days

We are approaching the end of the dog days of August—a time to get back into our routines for the fall. School will be starting...

Pet Advice — Remember water for your pets

These days It seems like everyone you see is carrying a water bottle. We are all so much more aware of the importance proper...

Pet Advice

It's summer!  What a great time to adopt a rescue animal from Dog Patch. Shelters are as full as ever. We are pulling animals out...

Pet Advice

Sad, but true I learned a valuable lesson the other day. I'm not able to save all of the animals that need help. Tough day, that...

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