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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Grant Wehrli

Grant Wehrli is a lifelong Naperville Resident and former Representative in the Illinois House of Representatives and Naperville City Councilman.

The Local Pulse – Election post-mortem

The election is over, and the votes have been counted. We can once again go to the mailbox without fear of being swallowed by...

The Local Pulse – Amendment 1

A few years ago, JB Pritzker spent millions of his family’s fortune to try and convince Illinois voters the state was broke and the...

The Local Pulse – Support local business

I have used this column to write in the past about how difficult it is to do business in Illinois. Along with sky-high property...

The Local Pulse – SAFE-T Act

Update, Dec. 29, 2022 / This post has been receiving numerous hits today, likely because of yesterday's ruling regarding the SAFE-T Act. According to numerous...

The Local Pulse – Value of cooperation and bipartisanship

Webster’s defines the word “collaborate” as “working jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.” In the political arena, collaboration is often referred...

The Local Pulse – Thank you, farmers!

Change is constant and often necessary. Businesses continually adapt to remain competitive and profitable, and schools respond to economic trends to produce graduates that...

The Local Pulse – Beyond high school graduation

Over the last few weeks, seniors from high schools across the state completed their coursework and accepted their diplomas at graduation ceremonies. For most...

The Local Pulse – Just who is paying for ComEd’s political missteps?

The people of Naperville are fortunate to have a locally-controlled and managed Electric Utility System. This allows electricity to be delivered to Naperville consumers...

The Local Pulse – What’s next for Illinois?

Did you note the indictment heard across the state on March 2, 2022? That day Michael J. Madigan was charged in a 106-page indictment for...

The Local Pulse – What is JCAR, anyway?

An obscure Springfield committee called the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) has been in the news lately, but most Illinoisans have never heard...
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