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Dr. Bob Buckman

Dr. Bob Buckman is the President of the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation. Contact him at drbobbuckman@sbcglobal.net.

A change of command

I can’t believe that my opportunity to serve as NAHC president started four years ago. Our bylaws call for term limits, so my departure...

Communication is alive within the community

April’s Confederation meeting was my favorite meeting of the year. It is the one time, every year, when we invite the members of the...

So what’s the meaning of all of this?

Four years ago, I began a very intense soul searching process that led to my accepting the position of Confederation President. Since I had...

One for all and all for one

One of the highlights for the Confederation is having Naperville’s Director of Finance, Karen DeAngelis, spend a Saturday morning with us explaining the city...

Priceless educational opportunities

Welcome to the New Year! The NAHC is starting 2013 with a clean slate! Please do not misunderstand me, 2012 was a terrific year,...

Christmas in the neighborhood

As we get closer to the holidays, especially Christmas, things start to change. Suddenly it is a good thing to call a halt to...

Tedious, time consuming, hard work leads to disappointment for residents

The Confederation is well known and respected for hosting candidate forums over the years. Key objectives: informing our residents about issues in particular elections...

Higher and higher teamwork

As I write this I am coming off of two highs. The first was attending the Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club. The second...

Look within for your real strength

As the Naperville Homeowners Confederation starts its 2012 - 2013 General Meetings, and as the by-laws mandate, my last months as your President, I’d...

So what really goes on behind the closed door

I was recently asked how the Confederation operates when behind closed doors. Of course, the devil in me wanted to tell a tale that...

Caution: Water Street development is back

I’m not sure where to begin to bring you up to speed on this development. Briefly, the Confederation Board and membership historically have taken...

Living laboratory has a profound influence on Naperville

A rare, unique opportunity recently transpired in our great City.  Several scientists visited from industry, academics, and the public sector to observe the effect...

Stirrings up memories that make a difference

The April Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation meeting stirred up a lot of good memories.  These stirrings resulted from Naperville Councilmen comments about the valuable...

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