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Sunday, October 1, 2023

DuPage Children's Museum

The DuPage Children’s Museum’s mission is to stimulate curiosity, creativity, thinking and problem solving in young children through self-directed, open-ended experiences; integration of the arts, science and math; the child-adult learning partnership.

DuPage Children’s Museum Now Booking ‘Private Play Time’

After nearly a year of closure due to COVID-19 mitigations, the DuPage Children's Museum gleefully welcomes children back inside the iconic building for 90-minute...

Raise Your Play IQ – In a box

by Alix Tonsgard, MS My earliest memory of formal math is full of anxiety. I was in kindergarten and it was circle time. On the...

Create and celebrate New Year’s Eve with DuPage Children’s Museum

Bubble Bash in a Box brings a hands-on New Year's Eve into homes, confetti and all... (Photo courtesy DuPage Children's Museum) New Year’s Eve might...

Raise Your Play IQ – Counting on those fall walks

by Alix Tonsgard As winter approaches, one thing that I am trying to be mindful of is not using up all of my best indoor...

Raise Your Play IQ – Collections: They’re not just clutter

by Alix Tonsgard I am, and have always been, a collector. Since early childhood, I have also found the collections of others fascinating. Later, in...

Raise Your Play IQ – Social Distancing with Young Children

by Alix Tonsgard Let’s talk about social distancing with toddlers. Spoiler alert: it’s really hard. It depends on a number of factors like context, temperament,...

Raise Your Play IQ – Big Conversations With Little People

by Alix Tonsgard The little guy in my life really loves trucks, rocks, sand, and mucking about. We have been playing a lot with sand....

Raise Your Play IQ – Helping hands

by Alix Tonsgard Even though I am practically always home these days, the days still seem to fly by and the pace of life within...

Register kids now for virtual ‘Tinkering Camp’ at DuPage Children’s Museum

Above / Remember the joys of tinkering with toys? DuPage Children's Museum prepares to launch Tinkering Camp, a one-week program when the museum will...

DuPage Children’s Museum ‘Play Soiree’ goes virtual on June 20

Above / Though the DuPage Children's Museum is temporarily closed, last month members of the Cress Creek Garden Club spruced up the entrance to...
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