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Carlos Madinya

Carlos Madinya is Director of Sales, Naperville Convention & Visitor Bureau. Contact him at (630) 305-7701 or cmadinya@naper.org.

Visit Naperville – Naperville comes together as a community

Despite the circumstances, our Naperville community has found ways to band together. Through it all, our restaurants and businesses are finding unique ways to...

Visit Naperville – Naperville summer events to add to your planner

Publisher's Note / The monthly deadline for stories published by contributing columnists is the 20th of the month prior to print publication. This story...

Visit Naperville – Hotel Arista: A hotel of luxury and comfort

Above / Since 2008, Hotel Arista has stood tall at 2139 City Gate Lane in CityGate Centre, just off Route 59 and Ferry Road,...

Visit Naperville – Celebrate your nuptials in Naperville

Update, Feb. 10, 2020 / Considering the unfortunate closure of NOAH’S Event Venue this past weekend, the Naperville Convention and Visitors Bureau (NCVB) can...

Visit Naperville – Get to know all Naperville hotels

Naperville has 19 hotel options. Here’s another tour of what makes local hospitality stand out for folks who visit our amazing city. From complimentary shuttle,...

Visit Naperville – Naperville kicks off with Restaurant Week on Jan. 24

Whet your appetite this new year during the seventh annual Naperville Restaurant Week. Running from January 24 through February 8, this opportunity provides the...

Visit Naperville – Give thanks to visiting family this holiday season

As we enter the season of giving and cheer, the Naperville Convention and Visitors Bureau is thankful for the wide array of hotels in...

Visit Naperville – Bring your business meeting to Naperville

Looking for a place to hold a meeting or conference outside the confines and comfort of your office can be a tricky feat. However,...

Visit Naperville – Season greetings in Naperville: Plan your holiday party today

'Tis the season to begin thinking about your company’s holiday party. While the temperature is still warm and snow is yet to be seen, now...

Visit Naperville – Sports events are a homerun in Naperville

Cheers erupt from the bleachers as a baseball player hits a homerun out of the field, running around the bases with a triumphant smile...

Visit Naperville – Get to know Naperville’s 19 hotels

The banquet space is adorned with flowers and center pieces on all the tables while the bride twirls on the dance floor... A CEO...

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