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Bryan Ogg

Bryan Ogg is a local historian and curator of local legend, stories and lore.

The History Detective – New old books

As a History Detective, my research adventures take me through many old books. I visit libraries and archives, and on-line data bases looking for...

The History Detective – Rockin’ chair history

Recently, a local museum rejected a rocking chair that was used by Bishop Samuel P. Spreng, a Naperville leader in the Evangelical Church. I...

The History Detective – Building History

I recently interviewed Steve, Nancy and Eric Shiffler about their century-old construction business located in Naperville. Shiffler Builders, Inc., formerly (1907-1963) Charles Shiffler Sons,...

The History Detective – Fishing for history

More than 100 years ago, Naperville businessmen formed a committee to improve the DuPage River as it flowed through Naperville. In 1907, the DuPage...

The History Detective – Their House, Our History

The large blue and white house on the southeast corner of Aurora Avenue and Main Street is history. It was torn down (along with...

The History Detective – The Underground Press

Does anyone have copies of pamphlets printed by Napervillian James Givler? James Hamilton Givler was the grandson of David Givler, the owner/editor of The...

The History Detective – Green Book Naperville

Dear Mike Pooky Brown, I am not on Facebook, but your question regarding the Green Book era of Naperville was brought to my attention. The...

The History Detective – March Madness

Many of the first Irish immigrants to Naperville were farmers and laborers. A quick review of the 1860 census reveals that there were 23...

The History Detective – Looking for love in Naperville

In my research, I often find unique family names and places. With St. Valentine’s Day approaching, I wondered if there were any communities in...

Blast off into history – Blast off into history

One of the most elaborate advertising gimmicks a real estate developer could have ever imaged took place five stories above Naperville in the fall...
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