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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Bob Atkins

Bob Atkins is pastor at Grace United Methodist Church, 300 E. Gartner Rd. Contact Bob via email at pastorbob@peopleofgrace.org.

Faithful Reflections – On the Move After Ten Years

Soon after I arrived in Naperville, Stephanie Penick invited me to write an article for Positively Naperville. I later learned that her friend, Rita...

Faithful Reflections – Budget time to watch the robins

The good news is that spring is here. The last of the snow is gone until next winter. Robins cluster on low branches and...

Faithful Reflections – Prepare for transitions

Transitions are very much a part of life. Some come around perennially. Part of enduring winter snow and cold is the expectation it will...

Faithful Reflections – Listen for the power of ice

Walking by a lakeshore one day in January, I heard what I first thought was thunder. Thundersnows are rare, but they happen. Thunderstorms on winter...

Faithful Reflections – This is the season for New Year’s resolutions

This is the season for New Year’s resolutions. With the change of the year there are new opportunities for everything to be better. Maybe...

Faithful Reflections – The reason for the season

Jesus is the reason for the season. Christmas, year-end celebrations, winter solstice observances in the northern hemisphere, Saturnalia –this time of year has drawn human...

Faithful Reflections – Ebola respects no borders

It matters. Ebola ravages nations in the western African continent especially Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Here in the United States, even with our robust...

Faithful Reflections – Autumn get-aways

Sometimes you just have to get away. It is good for the soul. The past several weeks the news from around the world has been...

Faithful Reflections – Most accidents happen close to home

They say most traffic accidents take place near home or work. That’s because we drive those roads more often than any others. We spend...

Faithful Reflections – Comparing perspectives of suffering

After visiting a very ill friend or someone in a dire situation, people sometimes say the visit puts their troubles into perspective. Indeed our...
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