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July Editor’s Notes


Suddenly it’s summertime.

Yet, simpler days of slowing down are not as easy as they used to be in this city along the DuPage River. For us, the July calendar quickly filled up with traditional events and new activities that provide more choices than ever. With ears wide open, we’ve welcomed opportunities in the great outdoors with new-found quiet now that most cicadas are gone.

As much as we like to think everything is here for good reason, the shrill shriek served as a distraction when trying to determine the purpose of the cicadas’ chorus that kept ears ringing during the first few summer performances of the Naperville Municipal Band in Central Park. That said, studies note the periodical insect provides a nutritious source of food for many animals as well as lures for fish. Without them, June would have been a much quieter, perhaps more boring time, without the surprise thrill of flicking cicadas off each other’s shoulders.

What’s more, June was a wonderful time to watch young patient anglers discover the fun of fishing. We especially enjoyed listening to their tales about success with different types of bait. Wadded up bread, slices of hotdogs, earthworms, frozen corn, tiny cuts of tiny fish and 17-year-cicadas all were met with success.

Summer sculptures in the shapes of snails, honeybees, caterpillars and ladybugs welcome visitors throughout downtown Naperville. Find all of them! See if any of them sing to you. (PN File Photo)

Moving right along… Sizzling summer sidewalk sales, dating back to 1959, return among the summer sculptures that first attracted visitors to downtown as United Way Baby Giraffes in 2001. Plan to shop for seasonal bargains in between meals from July 11-13. See what’s abuzz and new among the familiar blend of retailers throughout the lifestyle destination. Discover good buys inside and outside, all around downtown.

A choice to know…

Three days before PN hit the presses, I had lunch with a longtime friend who commented that I seemed distracted. I admitted much was stirring in my mind. She suggested I knew too much. I wish! Yet, I’ll admit Tim and I had an abundance of news yet to be edited for this print edition and I likely would have been better off postponing that lunch.

My friend, a yoga enthusiast, asked me, “Do you meditate?”

I said I walk a couple miles every day, usually alone.

The summer landscape at May Watts Park is forever changing with wildflowers. In late June, bee balm beautified the southern shoreline. (June 2024)

Our family is very blessed to live near May Watts Park, a natural treasure that’s also about a mile from the Riverwalk in the heart of the City. Brisk, peaceful walks in both parks provide plenty of time to pause, reflect and open my mind to wildlife and wildflowers this time of year, as well as to the ever-changing landscape every other season.

With her smartphone in hand, she mentioned she didn’t have my cell number—she only had my landline. I mentioned I didn’t have a smartphone. “It’s been my choice,” I said independently. ”After all, last I checked, this is America.”

She chuckled, asking if I were on Facebook. She added that she’s chosen not to be on FB, and when she’s asked why, she uses the same reasoning about her freedom in America.

Independence Day

Naperville loves its 4th of July parades, hosted by many local neighborhoods for the public to enjoy in the spirit of red, white and blue. At press time, Mayor Scott Wehrli was scheduled to march in Brookdale and Brook Crossing parades.

Another tradition is the annual spectacular fireworks display hosted by the City and the Naperville Park District, now held at Frontier Sports Complex, south of 95th Street, beginning at 9:30PM.

Following Independence Day, the 3rd annual Naperville SALUTE is set for Rotary Hill, July 5-7. Find details and the concert schedule on the back cover (The monthly print edition of PN is available at more than 30 locations.) as well as at www.napervillesalute.org.

Our hope is everyone takes a moment to remember America’s birthday, mindful of our Founders’ intentions to create a government in which the generality of citizens 18 years and up determine policies and laws via elected officials and representatives—and in which no individual has a vested right to office.

When you have a chance, visit the Exchange Club of Naperville Freedom Shrine in clear view from the Riverwalk right outside the Naperville Municipal Center. Copies of historic documents, including the Declaration of Independence, provide plenty of food for thought for the lazy days of summer.

Let freedom ring. God bless America.

Enjoy a safe and healthful July.

– Stephanie Penick
PN Publisher

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