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Movies with Tarek – ‘Wildcat’


Written and directed by Ethan Hawke, Wildcat follows the true story of the writer Flannery O’Connor. Through the direction of Hawke, he casts his daughter Maya Hawke as O’Connor. It is an adaptation gearing on the real struggles of O’Connor boil.

Artistry is divine in capturing verisimilitude. Wildcat soars with abundance as it searches for the talent of O’Connor to be recognized. It brings in the 1950s era with mental difficulty. It brings in the narrative of Maya’s voice as she battles her errors in her evolving writing days. The subtleness is superb. There is a reality that an in-depth invigoration precedes Wildcat.

The film begins with Flannery creating a story in her mind. From that point on, it goes to the reality that she is in. With facing rejections from her writing, the support around her is not hopeful. Her mother is Regina (played by Laura Linney). Regina tries to encourage Flannery to focus on other aspects of her life. Flannery’s writing is what brings meaning to herself. Her emptiness is sad and hard to bear. She is living in an era of many classes and segregation among races. She also is dealing with lupus. Her theme of writing is her life.

Wildcat is breathtaking on Flannery to build her name. As her disease lingers, she only continues to form her creative mind. With some hopes for love, acceptance, and having a voice, Wildcat parallels all those values. The sense of Flannery in a blur is because of her window closing due to her disease. The narration continues through her moments of aches. Maya’s performance is revolutionary. Her portrayal of someone real delivers vast characterization. “Characterization” with constant thinking of connection. How though? Does Maya want to feel loved? Does Maya have other ambitions? Her disease and her voice are her focus.

My appreciation for Wildcat is its realism of encouragement. The “encouragement” is finding your voice. I try to find my voice as a critic every day. Flannery did her work. The theme of love serves as an important as well in Wildcat. Flannery finds herself in a moment with a man named Manley Pointer (played by Cooper Hoffman). At that moment, boundaries seemed blurred. Will Flannery be taken advantage of? Is that what Flannery wants? The cinematics of trial and error set the course of there being no defeat for Flannery to publish her story.

The vastness of moments is only the beginning of a triumphant story. When watching Maya perform as Flannery, the younger days of her father came to me. Ethan’s days in The Dead Poet’s Society and White Fang connect to his daughter. It does in the sense of having a gift and dealing with receiving little recognition. That is the inspiring factor of never quitting a craft of meaning.

Wildcat will enthrall its audience with a story of purpose. It keeps its momentum in keeping Flannery the focus of what she is striving for. Where does the story take its audience? Find out in Wildcat.

Three-and-a-half out of four stars.

Tarek Fayoumi
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