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WDSRA: Kennedy Junior High School Students Host Sweet Fundraiser


At Kennedy Junior High School in Naperville’s District 203, an incredible showcase of community spirit unfolded during the recent open house. It was a whirlwind of excitement as families explored the spring book fair and indulged in treats from popular food trucks. Amidst the festivities stood Scott’s Citrus Stand, a student-run lemonade stand created and operated by Mrs. Scott’s Language Arts class.

For just $2, attendees could quench their thirst with a cup of refreshing lemonade. Honoring their beloved late classmate and friend Anabel, the students also served her favorite beverage, root beer. Under the guidance of dedicated educators Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Okarma, Mrs. Harper, and others, students meticulously planned, poured, and manned the stand throughout the evening.

But it wasn’t merely about the refreshments. Leading up to the open house, Mrs. Scott’s class immersed themselves in “The Lemonade Wars,” a story of sibling rivalry in a summer lemonade stand. Students learned how to set up their own lemonade stand, used several AI tools to help along the way, and practiced the skills needed to run their own lemonade stand.

Once the stand officially opened, it was the students who took charge. They prepped the lemonade, manned the stand, handled orders, made change, and served with enthusiasm and pride. Every face radiated a sense of accomplishment as they worked seamlessly together.

Beyond all that, students chose to add a charitable component to their hard work. Because of their experiences with special recreation, they chose to donate all the proceeds to the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA).

As a bystander and customer, I couldn’t help but smile the entire evening watching the pride and sense of accomplishment on every face. Scott’s Citrus Stand was a BIG hit! After just 90 minutes, a whopping $1,027 was raised.

Heartfelt gratitude is owed to the remarkable students of Mrs. Scott’s Language Arts class as well as the invaluable contributions of Lauren Scott – Behavior Intervention Specialist, Shannon Harper – Speech and Language Pathologist, Jennifer Okarma – Learning Support Coach, and all of the staff who contributed.

Additionally, there were some amazing peers/friends helping. Those students, along with many others, volunteer time throughout the school day in the Peers Program, which is a program established to help foster friendships between students with and without special needs.

And of course, all the families who enjoyed a cup of delicious lemonade or root beer that night!

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Sherry Manschot
Sherry Manschothttp://www.wdsra.com
Sherry Manschot is the Marketing/Public Relations Manager at Western DuPage Special Recreation Association. She can be contacted at sherrym@wdsra.com. Learn about WDSRA at www.wdsra.com.


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