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Report advises residents to check brand name of doorbell cameras


Above / The April issue of Consumer Reports that arrived in the mail this week features the best and worst news about vehicles. At the end of February, an online CR post features a sound alert regarding the best and worst news about doorbell cameras, popular devices at front doors and garage entrances throughout this community. (PN Photo)

Every day the constant barrage of so-called “breaking news and updates” from around the world are tough to manage for this small, independently-owned hyperlocal publication in the heart of the Midwest. And many times the alerts have little to do with the health, safety and business in Naperville.

And if the information does connect, we hope it’ll be published in print and by other local media, as we’re sure the other local daily publications receive the same influx of information.

That said, the PN publication for March began hitting the streets Feb. 28. And the news posted Thurs., Feb. 29, online by Consumer Reports (just after we’d received our subscription print copy of the April 2024 “Best & Worst Cars, Trucks and SUVs” CR publication) is important to address. Note the CR story states that some doorbell cameras apparently have security flaws.

For nearly a decade, we’ve read reports, promoting the value of the “Ring Doorbells.” In more recent years, we’ve learned how the doorbell video cameras have helped collect data regarding vehicle crashes and to solve local crimes, perhaps sometimes using the generic “Ring” doorbell much like Americans use product brand names such Kleenex, Q-Tips and Xerox to describe situations.

We’ve observed many times so-called “Ring” doorbell-types are featured as giveaways, raffle prizes and auction items during special events. 

During walks along sidewalks in old neighborhoods, we’ve occasionally been startled by a voice that says, “You are being monitored.”

Individuals with doorbell cameras are urged to read the story published about the devices and how “bad actors” possibly can view footage from distances of thousands of miles.

Below is the direct link to the story online in Consumer Reports by technology writers Stacey Higginbotham and Daniel Wroclawski. The story includes an informative video as well as several video doorbell products that are safe.

If you missed it, click here to Consumer Reports ‘Home-security-cameras/video-doorbells-sold-by-major-retailers-have-security-flaws’

Thanks for being an informed reader and resident. Be aware and be safe.

This post will be updated when/if more information is received. —PN

For more information with the latest product reviews by Consumer Reports, click here.

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