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Naperville native releases third book with tales of golden age of sports


Above / Recently Chuck Spinner contacted PN regarding the completion of his third book, “Look What Sports Did To This Little Kid!” Chuck and his wife, Patrice, are pictured here during a visit to Anderson’s Bookshop back in 2012. (PN File Photo)

Chuck Spinner was born and raised in Naperville. In 1968 he started a 33-year career teaching high school history in the northeast Ohio area. Since his retirement he has written three books.  

His first work, “A Book of Prayers to the Heavens from the Stars,” published in 2008, is a compilation of the favorite prayers from 118 celebrities.  

Back in 2012, writer Chuck Spinner was featured at Anderson’s Bookshop in downtown Naperville, where he welcomed many longtime friends and local residents to the booksigning of his book, “The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing.” (PN File Photo)

His second book, “The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing” presented the definitive paper on the tragic Naperville train wreck of 1946 that took the lives of 45 persons. Spinner’s book was the impetus for the creation of the Paul Kuhn sculpture that was dedicated in 2014 at the crash site at Ellsworth Street and 4th Avenue.

In 2021, Artist Paul Kuhn, the master welder who created the Century Walk piece titled “Tragedy to Triumph,” and then-City Councilman Paul Hinterlong gathered with other members of their art selection committee to remember April 25, 1946. Visitors are welcome to visit and learn about local history through the creativity of dozens of artists who help tell the stories via Century Walk. (PN File Photo 2021)

Spinner’s most recent book, just published in August, is titled “Look What Sports Did To This Little Kid! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Through the Golden Age of Sports.” 

Spinner’s work is an autobiography that shows the influence that sports has had on him as well as his fellow baby boomers.  

“The book will be of special interest to my fellow baby boomer generation,” notes Spinner. “In addition, the book also details historical events of the era in a more readable, enjoyable style.”

The book has received endorsements from renowned sportscaster Bob Costas, sports commentator Bill Raftery, and former basketball coach Digger Phelps.  

Spinner also is pleased to note that the cover was created by his nephew, J.D. Spinner, and he thinks readers will enjoy scanning the unique QR codes on the front and back covers to hear commentaries about the book.

Individuals who live in Naperville born in 1946 or thereabouts might remember the kid pictured on this book cover. (Book cover image courtesy of Chuck Spinner)

For more information, check the book’s website at www.chuckspinner.com to find more  available about all three of Spinner’s books.

Link here to Chuck Spinner story that details how he first connected with PN via “Naper Nostagia” many years ago in 2009.

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