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Loaves & Fishes Community Services and DuPagePads announce collaborative program


Above / Nonprofit businesses aim to work together to provide donated vehicles to clients in need of transportation.

Loaves & Fishes Community Services and DuPagePads will work together to provide donated cars to clients who lack reliable transportation. This new collaboration will strengthen the car donation program, streamline services, offer a larger support network, and provide hope by ultimately transforming the lives of the clients they serve.   

For the past 25 years, the CARES Car Program has been a resource for families in the community, offering donated vehicles to support clients’ employment stability. DuPagePads does not have an existing car donation program so this partnership will unlock more opportunity and simplify the process for donors to match donated cars with clients in need.

DuPagePads and Loaves & Fishes clients are required to go through an application process and must meet specific qualifications to be eligible for the program. While the goal is to help clients get to work, it is recognized that providing reliable transportation enables them to meet other needs, such as attending medical appointments, running errands, and ensuring safe transport of their children. By working collaboratively, Loaves & Fishes and DuPagePads will enhance their ability to source and restore vehicles, allowing them to serve more local residents experiencing homelessness.

Lesvia Abdallah, Loaves & Fishes CARES Program Manager; April Redzic, President and CEO DuPagePads;; Scott Austgen LCSW, Vice President of Programs DuPagePads; and Mary Boulos, Loaves & Fishes Director of CARES Programs, have joined forces, mindful of the value to match donated vehicles with clients in need. (Photo courtesy Loaves & Fishes)

“Over the years, Loaves & Fishes has provided donated vehicles to individuals referred by DuPagePads. Due to changes in the used car market, we have seen a significant decline in donated vehicles,” said Janet Derrick, Executive Vice President Programs. “We are grateful to DuPagePads for being willing to help Loaves & Fishes secure and repair donated vehicles for eligible residents of DuPagePads.”  

“We are beyond excited for this collaboration. For the families and individuals who are staying safe with us, transportation has been a major barrier in their journey to truly end their homelessness,” said April Redzic, President and CEO at DuPagePads. “In a county like ours, you need a car to get to work, to medical appointments, to day care and to your child’s after-school activities. This program will change the lives of so many, and we are hopeful that the community will be as excited as we are about this program…and decide to donate their used vehicle!”

Car Program known as ‘beacon of hope’

One car recipient said, “It is such a life-changing thing to be able to go back and forth to work and the grocery store. We are so thankful and happy for this car. Without the donor and the people at Loaves & Fishes taking it in and fixing it up, we wouldn’t be where we are today.” 

The car program remains a beacon of hope for clients in search of dependable transportation. Through the collaborative efforts of Loaves & Fishes and DuPagePads, they eagerly anticipate extending this vital service to our community for years to come.

For more information on the Car Program, visit loaves-fishes.org and to donate a qualifying used car to DuPagePads contact Chad Pedigo, VP of Development at cpedigo@dupagepads.org.

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