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Naperville adds extra leaf collection cycle through Dec. 2


Crews will conduct one additional leaf pick-up in each neighborhood starting Nov. 27

Update Nov. 27, 2023 / Just checked with the City of Naperville. The additional leaf pick up is on track to run for this week – thru Saturday, Dec. 2. It is moving forward.

Update Nov. 26, 2023 / Snow during the morning of Nov. 26, 2023, will give way to lingering snow showers during the afternoon that may add up to an inch accumulation around the City. Temperatures will hover around freezing, then are expected to drop Monday and Tuesday, before hitting mid-40s. The forecast for Monday through Thursday is for mostly sunny or partly cloudy while the Naperville Department of Public Works is expected to begin an extra curbside leaf collection cycle on Monday, Nov. 27.

Note! Snow covered or not, never park on or near a pile of leaves which might inhibit leaf removal operations. Looking forward, also always remember that heat from a car could ignite dry leaves. (PN Photo, Nov. 26, 2023)
Keep storm drains on your property clear of leaves, snow and ice. Whether along the curb or in your backyard, help prevent flooding in your neighborhood. (PN Photo, Nov. 26, 2023)

Originally Posted Nov. 21, 2023 / Due to this year’s late falling leaves and current snow-free forecast, Public Works crews will begin an extra curbside leaf collection cycle on Monday, Nov. 27. 

Workers will collect leaves in front of each property for a final time and plan to move quickly through neighborhoods to avoid winter weather related disruptions. Public Works urges residents to rake remaining leaves to the curb in front of their homes by 6AM on Nov. 27 to accommodate the fast pace of this extra collection. Crews will provide an extra leaf pick-up for residents located near North Central College on Saturday, Dec. 2.

Public Works will not utilize the online progress map during this collection cycle due to the faster moving work involved in this extra collection cycle.

The current snow-free 10-day forecast has allowed crews to briefly delay the changeover in equipment from leaf collection to winter operations, allowing for this extra collection opportunity. Collection may end before crews complete the pick-up through the entire City if accumulating snowfall becomes expected anytime during this fourth and final pick up.

Crews will use a combination of vacuum units and front-end loaders to collect leaves. Vacuum units are well-suited for areas with lighter leaf accumulation, while front-end loaders are more effective for handling large volumes of dry leaves or leaves of any volume, wet or frozen. The equipment workers use in a particular area will depend on equipment availability and leaf conditions. Street sweeping will start after the bulk curbside leaf collection ends, weather permitting.

Once crews complete the extra bulk curbside collection in an area, residents may dispose of leaves through the free bagged leaf program, which runs through Dec. 15, or by mulching or composting any remaining leaves.

For more information on Naperville’s leaf collection programs, as well as resources about mulching and composting leaves, visit www.naperville.il.us/leafcollection

Note also: Remember to keep storm drains clear of leaves…

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