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Grateful to connect with new novel


As nature paints itself the shades of autumn and the chill settles in, it’s my opinion that there’s no better time to snuggle under the blankets with a good book.

On October 1 at Anderson’s Bookshop, Miranda Sun celebrated the release of her debut novel, If I Have to Be Haunted, with a book-signing event. Attended by dozens of Napervillians, Miranda discussed the thought and love that went into her debut novel.

According to Miranda, If I Have to Be Haunted is a book that was ten years in the making. Its conception apparently started all the way back in 2013, when she was still in high school, and culminated in the magical journey it is today.

I read her book this past month, and it’s an incredible story; the perfect blend between romance, fantasy and witty banter. And I’m not the only one who thought so. As a testament to her success, Miranda holds the top spot as the number one bestseller in the UK.

The book stars Cara Tang, a Chinese-American girl who can see ghosts, and her town’s “local golden boy,” Zach Coleson, whom she all but hates. When Cara stumbles upon Zach’s freshly-born ghost, she agrees to bring him back to life despite their intense rivalry. Between her mother’s desires for her to reject the supernatural, her mysterious powers, and her increasingly complicated relationship with Zach, Cara’s journey isn’t an easy one.

If I Have to Be Haunted is for anyone who’s ever felt conflicted about themselves. Be it about culture, identity or something else.

As a teenager and as a person, watching Cara struggle and grow was something I could truly connect with. Overall, If I Have to Be Haunted is a must-read not just for book-lovers, but for anyone looking to get lost in a fantastical world.

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Hannah Leong
Hannah Leong
Hannah Leong is a student in School District 203. In addition to writing, she enjoys badminton.