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Quigley’s Irish Pub celebrates first 25 years in downtown Naperville


Above / Since 1998, Quigley’s Irish Pub has found a home in the Jefferson Hill Shops, located at 43 E. Jefferson Avenue in downtown Naperville. The banner above the entrance promotes the Big 25th Anniversary celebration now in progress, especially on Fri., Nov. 17, 2023. (PN Photo)

Small sampling of good wishes for Quigley’s Irish Pub

Mayor George Pradel held the ribbon while Patricia Pradel cut the ribbon when Quigley’s Irish Pub first opened on Nov. 17, 1998. (1998 Photo of photo by John Drohan)
  • Twenty-five years ago my mom who is Irish was so excited to know that an Irish restaurant would be opening up in Naperville. My dad said it would only be right for Patty Burke Pradel to help cut the ribbon. Congratulations to Quigley’s on 25 years. Carol Pradel
  • Congratulations to Nancy and Quigley’s Irish Pub on her 25th Anniversary since opening in Naperville! Cheers to continued success, and may a little bit of Irish luck be with all who walk through your doors! Slàinte! Scott Wehrli
  • Happy 25th Anniversary, Quigley’s! Our best times are playing Quiz Night at brilliant Quigley’s! But our only issue is why do the judges say we’re wrong, when our Irish selves know we’re always right?! Come, join us at Quigley’s and we’ll show ya! Slàinte! The 4th place team… Meg Landek
  • Thanks for 25 years of fun with some really great friends!! Looking forward to the next 25 (along with the roughly 20,800 perfect pints of my favorite Irish beverage). Jeff Root
  • Quigley’s… 25 years of good times! Where you’ll always be welcomed by staff and where friendships, comradery and fellowship are always practiced. Not to mention, the great music, food and beverages! Looking forward to the next 25! Congrats! Paul Hinterlong
  • Quigley’s is a great place to visit to reconnect with our beautiful Irish heritage. Dave Masa
  • After a long winter, I look forward to a wonderful lunch on the patio at Quigley’s. Unfortunately, it’s always hard to decide which lunch to order since they have so many delicious choices! Sue Jelinek
  • We like coming to Quigley’s because we always receive good service and it has the best patio in town. VN, EDAQ
  • We like Quigley’s for the great service and good friends I’ve met over all the years! JN, EDAQ
  • I’ve been here since October 2022. And I love working here! Steve Land
Whenever former resident Mike Krol returns to Naperville, he’s known to stop at Quigley’s Irish Pub for a pint, music, Irish fare and a copy of PN. During his most recent visit from Arizona, Krol added, “Cheers to 25 years!”
  • To Nancy and everyone at Quigley’s! Cheers to 25 years! I wish I were there! Slàinte! Mike Krol
  • Everyone loves Quigley’s! In fact, in the last two decades, Quigley’s has become a significant icon of Naperville. It has been and is home to the most important community and civic events and we have participated in hundreds of them. Congratulations, Nancy Quigley, on this significant milestone of completing 25 years of Quigley’s Irish Pub. Not only you have showcased the Irish culture at Quigley’s, but you personally have also contributed immensely to making Naperville as the best city. We are blessed to have you and Quigley’s in Naperville. Meghna & Krishna Bansal

  • Happy 25th anniversary, Quigley’s Irish Pub! Quigley’s is the best Irish Pub in the Chicagoland area! The atmosphere and the friendly staff make it a go to for my family!  Congrats on 25 years!!  —Mary Morrissey
  • Quigley’s is the only pub we’ve ever been to in downtown Naperville! Congratulations on 25 years to everyone at Quigley’s. Wendy and Rick Montalbano
  • Nancy – Congratulations on your 25th Quigley’s Anniversary! Not only do you serve fantastic food and drink, you are a pillar of the community, and your support for Veteran activities and fundraisers is a role model for us all! Thanks for everything you do, and here’s to the next 25!!!  Jim Hoch
  • Congratulations, Quigley’s Irish Pub! I really missed Quigley’s when I served in the Peace Corps in Bistrita, Romania, from 2003 to 2005. The closest thing to it was Erin’s Pub—just sorta Irish! Tony Chamberlain
Patrick Kelly thought he had photos of their whole trivia team, but the only photo he found is this one of their older two children having dinner by the fireplace before an evening of WSI trivia started about six years ago. (2017 Photo courtesy Patrick Kelly)
  • Quiz Night at Quigley’s was one of our favorite things to do before we had kids. Then we had kids and brought them along and they loved it, too. Now we are at their mercy for soccer, swimming, basketball, Lego league, etc., but one day (maybe when the kids can drive themselves) we will return to reclaim our trivia crown! Beth and Patrick Kelly
  • Congrats to Quigley’s for 25 great years! From Quiz Nights to post-parade celebrations, from summers on the patio to winters near the fireplace, Quigley’s has always welcomed us like family. The craic has been mighty! Chuck Corrigan
  • Quigley’s is a family favorite – always on the itinerary when my out-of-town children come to visit. Over the years, their favorite menu options have changed from Mac-n-cheese bites and Sprite to Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and a Guinness. Thank you for the delicious food and wonderful service these last 25 years. Looking forward to the next 25! Slàinte!Mary Corrigan

And so goes the blarney…

Ever since Quigley’s Irish Pub opened its doors on Nov. 17, 1998, friends, neighbors and countrymen have agreed it’s great to be Irish any day of the week, whether they have Irish ancestry or not.

Owner Nancy Quigley, who often reminds folks of her Italian and Austrian descent, recalls a trip to Buckhead, Georgia, back in 1997, an Atlanta suburb known for its Irish pubs. That’s when the idea for her family-owned business was crafted. A subsequent trip to Stamford, Connecticut, to take a Guinness-sponsored course on “How to do an Irish Pub” introduced Quigley to Guinness associate Emily Martin who in turn referred her to Irish pub builders in Toronto, Canada.

“We liked what we saw during the visit to Toronto, so we targeted a spot in downtown Naperville,” she recalls. “And we approached Kris Guill who ran the Jefferson Tea Room at 43 E. Jefferson Avenue.”

And the rest is history! A wonderful 25-year history is being celebrated with photos of Michele, Andy, Brian and John as well as dozens of bartenders, servers and patrons. Many are expected to return to help celebrate this milestone.  

Time and again, Nancy Quigley has repeated, “We’ve been so lucky to have such loyal employees. Omar and his family have been part of our kitchen staff since day one. And Estolio started with us when he was 19. Brian Jennings always is a familiar face, too. So is Andy Nosek. We like to think of all of our employees as family.”

With gratitude, Nancy Quigley takes pride in the popular place where many patrons enjoy Every Day at Quigley’s—and so the moniker “EDAQ”!

In no particular order, thanks for memories, Santa, the Leprechaun, live music, WSI events, friendly staff, EDAQ patrons & Jeff Root, too!

Santa helps with Quigley’s to-go deliveries in early December 2020. (PN File Photo)
Thanks to Michele Michael and Quigley’s dedicated staff, the Irish pub remained open for “curbside pick-up only” when many places chose to be closed in the spring of 2020. (PN Photo May 2020)
Santa and the Leprechaun visit Quigley’s and staff for a holiday photo. (PN File Photo 2021)
EDAQ crowd many years ago. If only we could see all of them now! (Photo courtesy Jeff Root)
Santa and the Leprechaun prepare for photos with a few EDAQ regulars, Andy and staff. (PN File Photo 2014)
A few regulars have been known to enjoy a few cold beverages. (Photo courtesy Jeff Root)
Sometimes Grand Marshals for the WSI St. Patrick’s Parade walk right out of Quigley’s. (PN Photo 2020)
Quigley’s staff with Santa and the Leprechaun 2022. (PN File Photo)

Quigley’s Irish Pub hosts events year-round

Quigley’s Irish Pub is a welcoming place year-round. 

March or not, there’s live music with bands, sometimes Irish, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

When the weather is warm, the patio is open and well-behaved dogs are allowed. And year round, Irish sporting events via satellite attract another loyal crowd.

The West Suburban Irish consider Quigley’s its home headquarters for meetings, Irish Sessions and Quiz Nights.

And when folks were asked their thoughts about Quigley’s first 25 years, more than a few patrons mentioned that the only thing keeping them in Illinois is Quigley’s Irish Pub. Slàinte!

Sláinte to Naperville Noon Lions Club Turkey Trot Participants / Thurs., Nov. 23

Quigley’s Irish Pub will be open from 8AM to Noon on Thanksgiving Day as a place to gather with friends, grateful for good health, public safety and all giving that happens in this community. And, of course, to give a toast to all folks who run the annual Turkey Trot!

Pictures with Santa at Quigley’s / Sun., Dec. 3

Families are welcome to BYO cameras and take photos with Santa and the Leprechaun—this year they’re planned from 11AM to 2PM on Sun., Dec. 3.

WSI Quiz Night at Quigley’s / Tues., Dec. 5

Save Tues., Dec. 5., for the next WSI Quiz Night. Trivia game play begins for teams of eight or less at 7PM. Remember! West Suburban Irish have found a home at Quigley’s. For more information about all programs, Irish Sessions, meetings and events hosted by the West Suburban Irish, visit www.wsirish.org.

Everybody’s welcome to find what regulars call “EDAQ” camaraderie with classic Irish fare, bar bites and cold beverages. Enjoy live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And if you wish to book a holiday party, fundraiser, special event or meeting at Quigley’s, just call General Manager Andy Nosek at (630) 428-4774. 

“Ask for ‘Andy!'” suggests Nancy Quigley.

For everything about Quigley’s Irish Pub, including New Year’s Eve Dublin time on Sun., Dec. 31, visit www.quigleysirishpub.com.

Ho, Ho, Ho, to the holiday season! Santa is set to arrive at Quigley’s for family photos at 11AM on Sun., Dec. 3. And he’ll be long gone by Dec. 31 when folks arrive to celebrate New Year’s Eve Dublin Time in Naperville, Illinois. That’s 6PM at Quigley’s.  (PN File Photo)

One more thing…

According to the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, the first definition of blarney is “flattering or wheedling talk, cajolery.” And that’s no blarney! —PN

Click here for another brief history of Quigley’s Irish Pub.

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