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Thanks to students at Naperville North High School for thoughts on Veterans Day 2023


Above / Naperville North High School, located at 899 N. Mill Street, is home to the NNHS Veterans Club.

Special thanks to the Veterans Club at Naperville North High School for the thoughtful and impressive video, “Veterans Day 2023,” and to longtime Naperville resident Mike Skarr for sending its link.

Naperville North High School celebrated Veteran’s Day by having American flags flying completely around the front of the school and produced the video below which I think is amazing. My son, Mark, who has taught there for over twenty years, produced this wonderful video for the school – positive things like this will never make the newspapers but it is encouraging that there are still some young people in Naperville that care about our country. —Mike Skarr

Click here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q1a3zHqWSxTz2n_1MV9BUqWmYrd14j6s/view?ts=654a5ddd&pli=1

Mike Skarr also mentioned in his email message to PN, “I would like to make you aware of what this great high school is doing – every high school across America should be doing the same.”

Also Note! Readers who might have missed Veterans Day events in Naperville might want to click here for photos of the tributes this Veteran Day week along the Riverwalk.

The Vietnam Wall of Remembrance stood tall for public viewing until the Final Salute and sounding of “Taps” on Nov. 13, 2023.

Members of the Veterans Clubs at both NNHS and NCHS also planned to volunteer for Cheers!, the annual tribute to Veterans hosted by Naperville Responds for Veterans, planned this year for Nov. 16.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for watching the Veterans Day 2023 tribute video with many brief messages and images by Naperville North High School students.


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