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Folks walked this way to Halloween Happening


As families approached the entrance to Halloween Happening on Sun., Oct. 29, Moser Tower stood in the distance to the east, just beyond golden autumn colors and the Riverwalk leading toward Rotary Hill.

Families were welcome to Halloween Happening, an annual free event, held along the west end of the Riverwalk, near the Grand Pavilion. (PN Photo)

A youngster attired as a “police officer” provided a tour of tombstones along the serpentine brick path that led toward festivities near the Riverwalk Grand Pavilion.

Dressed for Halloween as a peace officer, this youngster chose the tombstone Rest in Peace for this picture. (PN Photo)
Always look right. Look left. And look right again before crossing the street. (PN Photo)
Tom Cat had nine lives! (PN Photo)
Ever wonder about the strange occurrences between Dr. Henry Jekyll and a murderous criminal named Edward Hyde? (PN Photo)
Here lies… the Jolly Green Giant. Rest in Peas. Ho! Ho! Ho! (PN Photo)

Cheers to the punsters at the Naperville Park District.

Happy Halloween! Celebrate safely.

Looking toward November and December

Veterans Day Observance and more along the Riverwalk

In 2015, crews from the Naperville Park District helped construct the Naperville Vietnam Wall of Remembrance at the base of Rotary Hill, a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The replica “Wall” was created then and will be this year by Blooming Color. Volunteers from Naperville Responds for Veterans will help assemble the new wall, following plans underway for the Naperville Park District to co-sponsor the display at the Riverwalk Grand Pavilion, Nov. 9-13. (PN File Photo)

Save dates from Nov. 9 through Nov. 13 to visit the Vietnam Wall of Remembrance that will be placed along the Riverwalk near the Grand Pavilion. For event updates and details, visit napervilleparks.org/vietnamwallofremembrance.

Note also this year, the annual Veterans Day ceremony hosted by the Naperville American Legion and the Judd Kendall VFW Post again will be observed at 11AM for Sat., Nov. 11, a time on Veterans Day known as “11-11-11.” For 2023, kindly note that the ceremony, usually held at Veterans Park, will be held at the Vietnam Wall of Remembrance along the Riverwalk. 

Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop will be held at the former Riverwalk Cafe, located at the base of Rotary Hill near the Paddleboat Quarry. (PN File Photo)

Note also that advance reservations are now being booked for Santa’s Workshop, Nov. 27 through Dec. 21. Residents: $10 Per Family / Nonresidents: $15 Per Family. Walk-ups cannot be accommodated. Find reservation details here.

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