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DuPage County releases draft Trails Plan, seeks public input


Above / Draft of DuPage County Trails Plan welcomes input from the community by Nov. 17, 2023. (PN File Photo / Caption with photo is from 2018.)

Wheaton – The DuPage County Division of Transportation (DuDOT) is seeking public feedback on its draft DuPage County Trails Plan. Staff members crafted the comprehensive trails program after receiving input from more than 3,000 survey responses during the planning process.

The DuPage Trails Plan’s main purpose is to establish standardized maintenance practices for the DuPage County regional trail network managed by DuDOT. It also guides investments to improve safety, accessibility, and navigation, clarifies permitting processes, and emphasizes environmental stewardship. The plan includes unique elements to enhance the user experience and is a collaborative resource for various stakeholders involved in trail management and development.

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“After carefully considering the overwhelming response to our community survey, we believe it is essential to keep the public informed and seek their input before we move forward with a final document,” said Mary FitzGerald Ozog, Chair of the DuPage County Transportation Committee. “We recognize our trails are some of our County’s most treasured resources and we value the community’s feedback as we finalize plans for the future of our trail system.”

Share opinions of DuPage County-owned regional trails

DuPage County owns, operates, and maintains a network of three regional trails: the Illinois Prairie Path, the Great Western Trail, and the Southern DuPage Regional Trail. The County maintains the trails through tasks such as path mowing, trimming, inspections, and invasive species removal, totaling more than 8,600 staff hours annually. These trails serve 940,000 residents and welcome more than 115,000 visitors annually, contributing approximately $1.67 million to local businesses yearly, significantly boosting our local economy.

Feedback requested by Nov. 17, 2023

To review the Trails Plan and share feedback, please visit www.dupagetrailsplan.com by Nov. 17.

Report submitted by Evan Shields, Public Information Officer, DuPage County Board.

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